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WordPress Plugin: Documentation

Notice (2017-Mar) : We have begun the deprecation process for the WatchCount.com WordPress Plugin (WCCWPPI). This means that at some point in the future, this plugin will completely cease functioning. In the meantime, we're offering limited support for the plugin, and it may continue working in the near-term. For long-term use, we recommend you explore/consider other eBay-themed WordPress plugins. … A little more information may be found on our news/announcements page.

About the WCC WP Plugin

The WatchCount.com WordPress Plugin (WCCWPPI) is a free plugin that allows you to display Most Popular eBay items (or any seller's items) in real-time, directly on your blog. Our main WCCWPPI information page explains more about the plugin, including its features, minimum install requirements, download links, Quick Start Instructions, and screenshots.
You'll also find more info about the WCCWPPI in the left sidebar, such as our FAQ or notification alerts mailing list. Once installed, there are configuration details on the WCCWPPI Admin/Settings page. Below is some in-depth/background documentation about the WCC WP Plugin.

Anchor Tag Use and Syntax

By using WCCWPPI anchor tags (not to be confused with HTML anchor tags/links), you can easily embed the WCCWPPI within your blog posts. Simply insert the tag right within the flow of your typing, such as at the beginning or end of a sentence. When your post is published, the anchor tag will be replaced by the display of eBay items. Here's an example of embedding a simple anchor tag (which we've highlighted below) within a post:
Hi everyone! [eBay] Today I want to tell you about a compelling article I just read that suggests JFK was actually murdered by extra-terrestrials...
The eBay items displayed within the above post in place of the [eBay] anchor tag will be determined by the post tags you specify when you save your post in WordPress. Following this example, you might choose a series of post tags like "JFK, John F. Kennedy, UFO"; most popular items on eBay with those terms in their titles will appear within your post. (Alternatively, you can set global keywords/categories within your WCCWPPI Admin/Settings screen to be used instead of your post tags. You can also specify an eBay Seller ID to display a specific seller's items.)
If you want to force the WCCWPPI to display on either side of your post, you can specify it accordingly: [eBay align="right"]
To use a skin different from the one selected on the Admin/Settings screen: [eBay skin="Blue"]
If you don't want to concern yourself with post tags or global keyword settings and simply want to display a specific eBay item within your post, follow this example:
[eBay item="250419195943"] Greetings, loyal readers! Some of you might be interested to know of this cool vintage scarf I just listed for sale on eBay today...
You can even use this shorthand notation when entering in your anchor tag: [eBay 250419195943]
To display items from a specific eBay seller in-post (or a seller different from the one you had already specified globally), use this notation: [eBay seller="danna" keywords="NIB"] . (Sorting will follow the parameter specified on your Admin/Settings page.)
If you want to display most popular World War II helmets eBay items within your post, try this: [eBay keywords="WWII helmet"]
To do the above, but use an eBay country-site that's different from the one selected on the Admin/Settings screen: [eBay keywords="WWII helmet" cc="UK"]
...and shorthand notation might look like this: [eBay "WWII helmet" UK] or [eBay "WWII helmet" UK right Blue]
You can use [wcc] as an anchor tag identifier instead of [eBay] if you like (hey, it'll save you a character to type). Also, if you do your posting within 'HTML' view (recommended) instead of 'Visual' view of the WordPress post editor, you'll see an 'eBay' quicktag button you can click on to insert the anchor tag for you.
Regarding anchor tag fields, the word keywords in [eBay keywords="__"] is easily interchangeable with keyword, kw, or item to offer more flexibility. Likewise, you can use sid instead of seller to save a few keystrokes as well.
If you want to use " (double-quotes) within your keywords to specify an exact search phrase, you'll need to wrap the whole double-quoted phrase within single quotes. For example: [eBay kw='"XBox 360"']
Also, please keep in mind that while the shorthand notation often does what you intend, sometimes you might need to use formal anchor tag syntax (like kw= or cc=) to generate the results you expect.
And remember: if you goof with any of this, you can easily edit and re-publish your post!

Keyword/Item Selection

A handful of criteria get evaluated when the WCC WP Plugin decides what keywords to use when searching eBay and displaying most popular items (or a seller's items). Here's the order in which keywords are selected:
  1. visitor-entered search terms - if you enabled the Inline Search box for self-display
  2. in-post anchor tags you used where you specified keywords
  3. post tags you entered when you published your post
  4. eBay Daily Deals - if you opted for this on the Admin/Settings page
  5. global keyword+category settings chosen on the Admin/Settings page
  6. if nothing else, the most popular/watched items across an entire eBay site will be displayed
Note that you have the option, via a checkbox on the WCCWPPI Admin/Settings page, to have keywords/categories maintain priority over post tags (above, this moves #3 beneath #5).

Skin Designs

Below is the current selection of available backgrounds/skins for WCCWPPI display (we hope to gradually add more soon). Select which skin to use within your blog's Admin/Settings screen; there you can also update the Live Preview to demonstrate how your configured plugin will look with each of the skin designs. (You can also choose the ever-popular 'no skin' option and select a background color instead.)
If you have a skin of your own that you'd like to use, or an idea for one, we'd be happy to work with you to incorporate it into our skins selection below. (Email us via the 'Contact Us' link in the footer of this page.)


WCCWPPI Sample Skin: 'Panel-Frame'


WCCWPPI Sample Skin: 'Shiny'


WCCWPPI Sample Skin: 'Simple'


WCCWPPI Sample Skin: 'Blue'

Version History

1.1.7  (notification: 29-Mar-2017)
  • plugin officially declared deprecated
1.1.7  (released: 25-Dec-2015)
  • bug fixed: 'CURLOPT_CLOSEPOLICY' error
  • removed eBay Daily Deals display option (due to eBay platform changes)
1.1.6  (released: 03-Jul-2013)
  • added support for sellers' listings: keyword/category no longer required
  • minor cosmetic tweaks & optimizations
1.1.5  (released: 27-Sep-2011)
  • added support for eBay Philippines (eBay.ph)
  • default skin/background changed to ever-popular 'no-skin' option
  • some misc tweaks
1.1.4  (released: 17-Jan-2011)
  • important performance optimization/patch (should improve WCCWPPI + blog speed)
1.1.3  (released: 20-Jun-2010)
  • features added: support for 4 additional eBay country-sites (NL,CH,AT,MY)
  • low-tier ePN affiliate link impression-sharing ratio increase from 50% to 80% (affects all WCCWPPI versions; Admin/Settings page textual update in this version)
  • misc tweaks
1.1.2  (released: 17-Feb-2010)
  • bug fixed: issue interfering with plugin use under IIS
  • various cosmetic+performance tweaks
1.1.1  (released: 24-Dec-2009)
  • feature added: option to include a Theme-formatted text label above the WCCWPPI when displayed as a sidebar widget
  • misc cosmetic adjustments
1.1.0  (released: 06-Dec-2009)
  • feature added: option to display an eBay seller's items
  • misc tweaks
1.0.0  (released: 20-Nov-2009)
  • initial public release

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