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Widget Information and HTML Code

Our WatchCount.com Widget for eBay Sellers has been retired, effective 20-Aug-2015. Please see our news announcement/post for more details.

What is the WatchCount.com Widget?
The WatchCount.com Widget is for eBay sellers: it automatically displays your item's current Watch Count within the body of your listing. Here's an example Widget, using one of the available skins and default wording:
WatchCount.com Widget Example
To see an example of a WatchCount.com Widget within a live eBay listing, click here then scroll down to the item description area. (Click here for another example on eBay.) Feel free to contact us if you'd like to see more live Widget examples.

Sounds cool! How do I get it?
The WatchCount.com Widget is extremely quick and easy to install! It's free, and there's nothing to download or install on your computer. Nor do you register for it, configure it (unless you wish to customize) or give out your email address to us (unless you want to stay informed of upcoming changes).
Simply copy-paste the below HTML code into any or all eBay listings you'd like to have automatically display Watch Counts. That's it! You can even append it to a currently active listing.
If you need a hand with this, feel free to email us — we're happy to help. Also... If you begin using our widget, we highly encourage you to join our low-volume mailing list so we have a way to notify you of any important future changes to the WatchCount.com Widget.

HTML Code for the WatchCount.com Widget:

Note: When you paste the above HTML code into your listings, make sure that you are using the HTML view in the eBay Sell Your Item form.

Why would I want to display my item's Watch Count publicly?
A listing's Watch Count can be thought of as a measure of item popularity within the eBay community. The Watch Count of an item accumulates when registered, logged-in users actively
“I have my Widget at the top of my listings, just above the description and I don't show it until at least 2 watchers... The Widget can't make a bad item good, but it seems to be making good items better. I have noticed earlier bidding wars and bidding at the end of auctions less fevered. I also think that I am getting higher auction prices... The Widget can't turn a pig's ear into a silk purse, but for sellers that are already doing other things right, the Widget will definitely improve their business.”
PowerSeller Craig Clark of www.PerfectCornersCollectibles.com
click on one of the "Watch This Item" links in a listing, effectively making it a scoring metric of sorts — a vote.
Normally this figure is for sellers' eyes only, but you may want to entice shoppers and build interest in your item by revealing its Watch Count — how many registered eBay users have taken the time to flag the item for watching. The WatchCount.com Widget colorfully shows this number to them, which often grows throughout the course of the listing's duration, potentially increasing perceived value and bidding pressure. (What if the item's Watch Count is low? Know that you can easily configure the Widget to automatically hide itself for low numbers.)

What can I expect from the Widget?
You can place the Widget anywhere in the item listing description you'd like. After you've completed that, you're done! (Some sellers just include the Widget HTML code as a standard part of their listing templates.) Note that unless you're using a very ancient version of the Widget HTML code, the Widget does not link away from your listing, as you can see in this live example on eBay.
If you preview your listing before making it live, you won't yet see the Widget. Once the listing is formally created and issued a new eBay listing number, the Widget is prepared to appear but will initially likely be hidden for a time, until the listing reaches a certain eBay-defined "popularity threshold" (usually this is at the item's first bid). After that crossover point you'll see the Widget appear, always displaying the current/total Watch Count. It'll remain visible until the listing ends, when it then automatically disappears.
When users add themselves as a watcher of that item, the Widget will accrue a +1 count (after a few-minute caching delay). The Watch Count figure shown within the Widget is the same figure you can see in your My eBay page under the column "Number of Watchers". Quick tip: You can add yourself as a watcher of your own listing by clicking any Watch Link!
Note that the Widget is not a simple web page view/hit counter. Instead it's an emblem of popularity, reflecting the cumulative interest in your item expressed by fellow eBay users.
It's also important to note that the Widget works best with Auction Style, multiple-quantity Fixed Price, and Classified Ad format listings; less so (or not at all) for single-quantity or multi-variation Fixed-Price items (it'll often just be hidden in those latter cases, as eBay limits availability of Watch Count data).
Dynamic Watch This Item Link Also included alongside the Widget is a Dynamic Watch This Item Link which encourages visitors to add the item to their Watch List — and automatically does so when clicked. You can optionally and easily replace (or remove) the "Watch This Item" image with your own custom graphic or formatted text without losing functionality.

What else should I know?
Your use of the WatchCount.com Widget constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service. If you have more questions about the Widget, please have a peek at the Widget FAQ. You may also want to cruise on over to our Widget Customizations page to learn how to easily make certain alterations to the Widget to do things like:
  • specify the minimum Watch Count needed for the Widget to be visible in your listing
  • display a custom informational message that is shown next to the Watch Count
  • choose from selected skins that appear as the background of the Widget
  • apply certain colors within the Widget

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