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Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy Statement

Revised: 18-Jul-2016
This is the web site of: We can be reached via e-mail in 2 ways on our Contact Us page, and via the email address publicly registered in the Web's Whois database.

For each visitor to our web site/pages, our web server automatically recognizes and collects the visitor's IP address. Information about searches performed on this site and public browser data ("referrers", "user agents", etc.) are also collected. This information we collect is used to track hits to our website, as part of security measures, and to assess a general understanding of how our visitors are using our site. We don't share this collected information with any 3rd party, with the exception of the following situations: 1) a portion of this data is temporarily retained by for a few hours (or days) and discarded on a rolling basis; 2) information about searches performed on this site (without complete IP addresses) may be shared with 3rd parties; 3) in the rare circumstance that eBay should ask us for it; 4) should you have arrived here by way of a Affiliate/Partner, said information may be provided to that Affiliate/Partner as part of site usage and traffic reports; 5) a formal request by law enforcement personnel or court order.

With respect to ad servers: To try and bring you quality offers that are related to the theme of our site, or otherwise valuable, we have relationships with other companies – including: Google, SiteSell, Xtend-Life, Bitbond, WP Engine, and a few others – that we allow to place ads on our web pages. As a result of your visit to our site, said ad server companies may (or may not at all, or just partially) collect general, non-personally-identifiable information such as your domain type, your IP address and clickstream information. For further information regarding Google's policies, please consult Google's Privacy Center. You can see Google's list of approved third-party advertising companies (and links to their sites and policies).

With respect to cookies that are issued to, or subsequently retrieved from, our visitors' browsers: By viewing this website, you expressly agree to our serving of cookies to your browser. We use cookies to record session information (temporary/transient/session cookies) so that our services operate properly for each visitor. We, or our Affiliates/Partners, also may receive anonymous referral/sales commissions from eBay if visitors make purchases on eBay after clicking through to eBay while using our site (such cookies are issued by itself). We may also receive payments/commissions from advertisers (or their agents) and promotions you see on our site; as is standard practice to enable commerce on the web, cookies may be issued in connection with such ads. Moreover, we use some non-session cookies to track repeated hits to our site and to enhance our services (for example: to remember minor preferences from your last visit, such as which eBay country-site you prefer searching). These cookies are issued by, Google Analytics, as well as Such cookies may also be issued by if you visit our eBay misspellings search page. ... Google, and its 3rd-party advertisers, too may issue and read cookies to/from your browser when you view and/or click on their ads served on this site. ... AddThis may issue and read cookies to/from your browser when you click a share/bookmark icon on our site, such as the Facebook or email share buttons you see on many of our pages. AddThis may also track clicks beyond our website, after the sharing event happens. ... Facebook may issue and read cookies to/from your browser if you view a page on our site displaying a Facebook social plugin/widget. ... Web beacons may also be used to collect public, non-personally-identifiable information such as the country you are visiting from. (Sure seems like we track a lot of stuff, huh... Not really; it's all fairly common statistics and referral information that webmasters like us typically want to review in aggregate form.)

Cookies and web beacons issued/provided by, Google Analytics,,, and eBay do not track personally identifiable information, nor do they track activities beyond the sites mentioned.

If you click through, or view, one of Google's, or their partners', ads, it's possible that Google may track your activities beyond this site. Google ads may incorporate a component known as "interest-based advertising" to display ads on our site that reflect the interests of our visitors based on their individual visits to websites around the internet. Google does this via a Google/DoubleClick DART cookie (sounds scary, huh). What this means is that, even though Google won't identify you personally as an ad viewer, it may know that you visited other websites within certain topics, and subsequently displays appropriate ads on our site that are anonymously tailored to your previous websurfing habits. Google does not allow us to opt-out of this behavior, and all websites that display Google ads are subject to interest-based advertising. As an ad viewer you can individually adjust your involvement in this advertising feature by making changes in Google's Ads Preferences Manager which is also accessible by clicking on most Google ads themselves. A visitor and ad viewer may also opt-out of this behavior at the Google Advertising and Privacy page.

You can easily remove or block persistent (non-transient) cookies from your browser by using functions/settings within your browser, possibly through cookie-disabling or Javascript-disabling functions. If you do so, you are still more than welcome to continue using our site, although temporary/session cookies are still required for most of the services on our site to function correctly. Session cookies are easily removed by closing all of your browser windows or shutting down your computer. Your public, non-personally-identifiable information that is seen by web beacons can be shielded by said web beacons simply by disabling image downloads in your browser (simply closing your eyes won't help).

(Side note: Generally speaking, you can actually surf the web in a near-invisible manner by disabling most functions in your browser, like: images, JavaScript, cookies, DOM storage, Adobe Flash – however most sites won't work properly for you without them.)

If you use our Widget (WCW) or Dynamic Watch This Item Link (DWTIL) on any web pages, we may collect the IP addresses of visitors to those pages (or maybe just if/when they click through). This information is used to help us monitor the performance of our services, mitigate abuse, and provide a basis for analysis of aggregate data. Such information won't be released to any 3rd party (exception: eBay, as mentioned up above). We do not issue or read cookies to visitors who merely view a WCW or DWTIL, although if they click through to our site, they may receive cookies as stated up above. We may make mention of one of your publicly viewable eBay listings in either a public way (such as linking to your eBay listing from or a private way (such as when someone asks us for single examples of eBay listings that are using WCW or DWTIL).

About our WordPress Plugin (WCCWPPI): The WCCWPPI is an off-site service that displays eBay items on a WordPress blog or WP website. Because the plugin retrieves live eBay API-sourced data from (proxied through) our servers, our server software needs to collect and log general, non-personally-identifiable information from/about the blog and the blog's visitor to display (or attempt to display) the WCCWPPI. This includes standard web metrics such as IP addresses and blog/page URLs, and public browser information such as referrers and user agents. Unlike the website, the WCCWPPI does not serve any cookies. Also know that the WCCWPPI does not collect WordPress usernames, passwords, email addresses or other such sensitive data. Information in the first 2 paragraphs of this Privacy Policy Statement also apply to the WCCWPPI.

With respect to website security: Since we don't collect any sensitive information from our site visitors, we do not use encryption or high-security protocols.

We offer an optional newsletter that visitors may subscribe to (as well as a Notification Alerts mailing list for WCCWPPI bloggers). To subscribe, visitors must furnish their email address, and optionally their first name. We will not sell, lend, rent, lease, or otherwise give visitors' personal information (i.e. name or email address) to anyone else — with the exception of our 3rd-party mailing list service provider (who pledges to maintain information privacy), and eBay (in the unlikely event that they request it). Subscribers can easily unsubscribe from our newsletter (a.k.a. mailing list) by following the instructions at the end of every issue, or by contacting us.

From time to time, we may use collected non-personally-identifiable customer information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in this privacy notice. If our information practices change at some time in the future we will post the policy changes to our web site on this web page to notify you of these changes and provide you with the ability to opt out of these new uses. If you are concerned about how your information is used, you should check back at our web site periodically.

Cookies, web beacons, IP addresses, ad servers... Don't worry; these things are all fairly standard with most any website you visit and are almost always used in benign ways, such as helping the website function properly and cleanly for its visitors. We fall into that majority.

If you feel that our site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact state or local chapters of the Better Business Bureau – but first please give us a shout via our Contact Us page; we'd rather not have the BBB breaking down our door or prank calling us in the middle of the night.

Thanks for your time. We tried to keep this short and sweet to minimize boredom. (Did we succeed?)

You may also wish to read (yawn) our Terms of Service. Newsletter ad

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