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Press Release: 2009 eBay Star Developer Award

Innovative Third Party Provider is Recognized for Service to the Developer Community

San Jose, CA, USA — June 17, 2009 —, a unique marketplace search tool for eBay shoppers and sellers, today announced that it has been awarded a 2009 Star Developer Award by eBay. Granted in the category 'Service to the Developer Community', the Star Developer Award was awarded to Jake Becker of for Becker's participation in eBay's Developer forums.

2009 eBay Star Developer Award “Developers, like Jake Becker, are critical to the success of eBay’s developer program as they are on the front lines addressing issues and lending their expertise to those who are looking to get started with the eBay API platform,” said Kumar Kandaswamy, Head of the eBay Developers Program. “Jake Becker embodies the spirit of eBay’s open platform that relies on unique innovation and collaboration to create compelling applications.”

On eBay’s discussion boards, developers of all skill levels mingle to keep up to speed with eBay programming news, lend each other advice, and seek out assistance from more experienced developers. As eBay has made it easier for new developers to acquire API keys and begin tapping into its infrastructure, new members jump aboard to take advantage of eBay’s open API. Some turn to the developer forums for a helping hand, where active members, such as Becker, are more than happy to help point developers in the right direction.

Says Becker, "When I come across another developer stuck in a jam that I had once fumbled with myself, it's actually somewhat challenging for me to resist taking several moments to step in, compose a reply, and offer my assistance." builds on a handful of Developer API calls and services to reveal for visitors the most popular eBay items in real-time, ranked by, and displaying, how many registered users have "voted" on them by clicking an item's "Watch This Item" link. As such, the site offers an innovative way to search the eBay marketplace, giving sellers an opportunity to see what items in their niche have garnished the most number of watchers, helping them single out listing characteristics, such as title keywords, photos, and ad copy, that may be enticing to shoppers. Moreover, curious buyers, such as collectors of various kinds, like to see which of their favorite items get ranked highly in their area of interest to assist them with their shopping decisions. eBay enthusiasts also like to use the site to see how many watchers it takes to get listings onto eBay Pulse, a popular showcase of Most Watched items that eBay tabulates daily across its many categories.

About ( offers a collection of helpful tools and services for eBay users, including unique marketplace search capabilities unavailable on the eBay site. Sellers can avail themselves of automatic listing enhancements, such as the Widget, to publicly flaunt their item's Watch Count, and both buyers and sellers find it helpful to lookup Most Watched eBay items in real-time to better help them frame their buying and selling activities. eBay has certified as an 'eBay Compatible Application', approving its use with the eBay platform. All services are currently offered free of charge.

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