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Press Release: Last-Minute Deals and Popular Auctions


Award Winning Third-Party Developer Offers Clever New Methods for Identifying Overlooked, or Especially Popular, eBay Listings

New York, NY, USA — February 01, 2011 —, a unique marketplace search tool for eBay shoppers and sellers, today announced the launch of two new search appliances to help users mine live eBay data. Their new Most Bids search app identifies auction-style listings that have garnished the most interest among those pledging a potential purchase, while the site's new "Last-Minute Zero-Bid Deals" search feature uncovers listings with zero bids within the closing minutes or hours.

Their new Most Bids search tool, located at, provides the ability to identify items of high interest, based on the bid count, a metric unique to auction-style listings. This feature complements the site's current search tools which are known for identifying popular eBay items, of a variety of formats, by the number of watchers that have accumulated on listings. Now, purveyors of unique collectibles, antiques, and other one-of-a-kind items that are often listed in bidding format will find this new tool helpful as another way to gauge product appeal and peer interest, and to highlight auction items that have proven themselves as the most appealing amid eBay's vast selection of products. Shoppers may be curious to discover hot listings in progress, while sellers will enjoy being able to get further insight into buyer demand. "We've had a number of our users demand a Most Bids search feature, so we're very happy to finally satisfy that request," comments Jake Becker, owner of

Additionally, offers a new tool to help shoppers trove the marketplace for hidden bargains. "Last-Minute Zero-Bid Deals", found at, uncovers auction-style items with zero (or fewest) bids, that are ending within minutes or hours. These listings represent opportunities potentially overlooked by eBay's community of buyers and possibly available to be scooped up at below-market, opening-bid prices. Deal hunters will find utility in this search tool, while eBay arbitragers and resellers on the hunt for unique undervalued collectibles are also expected to find use from this new search functionality. "Since the dawn of the company, auction-style listings have remained a fundamental and magnetic component of eBay's diverse marketplace, and we're proud to release tools to help both shoppers and sellers hone in on listings in unique ways," said Becker.

Both tools make it easy to bookmark specific search queries for repeated attempts, so users can easily and casually monitor niches of interest. Searches can be as narrow as a specific keyword phrase, or with a scope as broad as an entire eBay category or subcategory. Individual sellers' items can also be searched and sorted accordingly, and several popular filtering options have been included for those looking for more granular control of their search results., eBay Motors, and most of eBay's international properties can also easily be searched with these new tools. and its new tools are built upon the API platform available from the eBay Developers Program. The Developers Program enables third-party providers to tap into eBay's massive infrastructure and create innovative applications that further extend eBay's services beyond its own marketplace.

About ( offers a collection of helpful tools and services for eBay users, including unique marketplace search capabilities unavailable on the eBay site. Their WordPress plugin enables bloggers to easily showcase compelling eBay items, and both buyers and sellers find it useful to lookup Most Watched and Most Bid-On eBay items in real-time to better help them frame their buying and selling activities. eBay has certified as an eBay Compatible Application, approving its use with the eBay platform.'s creator, Jake Becker, is also a recipient of the prestigious 2009 eBay Star Developer Award. All of the site's services are offered free of charge.

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