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Press Release: eCommerce Merchants Trade Association


Leading Trade Association Partners with Innovative eBay Service Provider

Secaucus, NJ — December 3, 2008 — The eCommerce Merchants Trade Association ( today announces a partnership with (, a new website offering unique services for members of the eBay community. helps visitors identify "Most Watched" eBay listings in real-time, exposing many listings' Watch Counts — a coveted eBay-specific metric historically available only privately to an item's seller.

Offering an innovative way to search the eBay marketplace, gives sellers an opportunity to see what items in their niche have garnished the most number of watchers, helping them single out listing characteristics, such as title keywords, photos, and ad copy, that may be enticing to shoppers. As a member of the eBay Developers Program, taps into eBay's massive database of items to reveal the most popular ones at any given moment, ranked by how many registered users have "voted" on them. Jake Becker, owner and webmaster of, comments that "Many social media sites offer ways for members to place votes on articles and other content. We recognize that the Watch Count can play a similar role within eBay's vibrant, interactive marketplace, reflecting the cumulative interest that users express when they click on a listing's Watch Link," referring to a standard link that eBay provides on each listing to allow visitors to actively keep tabs on items of particular interest.

Cresta Pillsbury, Managing Partner for eCommerce Merchants says, "You just can't help but get excited about WatchCount's service. We are happy to have Watch Count as a new partner and make their services available to our members as we know they will all benefit from the many advantages Watch Count's service can bring them."

Some eBay sellers may also find it advantageous to boast the Watch Count of their items to help increase perceived value. Using's Widget, the Watch Count can be displayed as an emblem of popularity right within their listings, potentially stimulating bidding activity and furthering shopper interest.

Both eBay shoppers and sellers alike can take advantage of's Advanced Search features to conduct keyword and category specific searches, digging even deeper into live eBay data. Moreover, there's now a way for eBay enthusiasts to see how many watchers it takes to get listings onto eBay Pulse, a popular showcase of Most Watched items that eBay tabulates daily across its many categories.

"I love the simple and easy user interface setup for their tool," says Brandon Dupsky, Managing Director for eCommerce Merchants. "I have added the widget to my listing template and will now watch it generate additional interest in my items."

"We're delighted to have the opportunity to share our services with eCommerce Merchants' membership base, in particular eBay sellers, who are always on the lookout for new ways to set themselves apart from, and above, their competition," says Becker.

About ( offers a collection of helpful tools and services for eBayers, including unique marketplace search capabilities unavailable on the eBay site. Sellers can avail themselves of automatic listing enhancements, such as the Widget, to publicly flaunt their item's Watch Count, and both buyers and sellers find it helpful to lookup Most Watched eBay items in real-time to better help them frame their buying and selling activities on eBay. An official eBay Compatible Application, is certified by eBay for use with the eBay platform and currently offers all of its services free of charge.

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eCommerce Merchants ( is a leading trade association of small and medium sized ecommerce businesses. The organization provides best practices guidance, technology & infrastructure advice and sourcing & supplies solutions to online merchants around the world who use the internet to sell or promote products and services. The organization works closely with the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (

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