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Press Release: Collectors Discover in 2008


January 5, 2009 — is gaining prominence as a new, helpful website to identify popular items on the internet's largest trading platform, eBay. With the doors closed on 2008, recognizes its accomplishments throughout during the year but especially in recent months where it forged a partnership with a major ecommerce trade association and garnished several accolades and distinctions. In looking at its growing user base throughout the year, noted a distinct category of users that were drawn to the site: purveyors of a wide range of collectibles.

What makes the site particularly unique to eBay users is its ability to retrieve Watch Count data on many listings — a proprietary metric typically unavailable on the eBay site. While both sellers and shoppers in many niches find usefulness in's increasingly popular services, collectors of various kinds have been particularly keen to use the site to "spy" in on how many people are secretly watching their favorite eBay items. With this additional number at hand, buyers have more information at their disposal as they scout out hot items and unique, in-demand collectibles.

Unlike a simple page view count, the Watch Count on an item only accumulates when a registered, logged-in eBay user explicitly clicks an eBay-provided Watch Link to effectively "vote" for the item. As an example, during 2008 the site had witnessed regular visitors keeping an eye on certain collectible coins, Griswold cast iron items, and Reborn dolls. In comparison, an item's Bid Count is of course a fantastic measure of item popularity as well, but it does have its shortcomings. Usually bids only accumulate close to the end of a listing's duration, while the number of watchers (and viewers) builds over time. Many collectors already frequent the eBay marketplace plying their trade, but until now haven't had a solid, tangible means to quantify the popularity of their favorite items until the last minutes when bidding activity culminates. With this new ability to see how many others are actively but tacitly keeping tabs on an item, both buyers and sellers can make more informed decisions in their respective eBay activities.

The site offers other Watch Count related services to visitors, such as advanced search capabilities to dig even deeper into live eBay data, allowing specific keyword and category choices. Moreover, the Widget is used by some sellers to publicly flaunt their items' Watch Counts to potentially increase perceived value and stimulate bidding activity.

eBay has certified as an "eBay Compatible Application", approving its use with the eBay platform. All services are currently offered free of charge.

About ( offers a collection of helpful tools and services for eBay users, including unique marketplace search capabilities unavailable on the eBay site. Sellers can avail themselves of automatic listing enhancements, such as the Widget, to publicly flaunt their item's Watch Count, and both buyers and sellers find it helpful to lookup Most Watched eBay items in real-time to better help them frame their buying and selling activities on eBay.

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