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Newsletter: Issue #008 Newsletter Issue #008 (April 2010)

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-- Issue #008 : April, 2010 --
~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ - How many people are secretly watching your favorite eBay items?



Happy Spring, everyone! (At least to those here in the Northern hemisphere. :) In this issue of the Newsletter we have some cool new site features, our new Facebook Fan Page, and a free giveaway! Read on...

-- Free Giveaway --

We're holding a contest to help spread the good word about! The prizes, you ask? One US$50 eBay Gift Card (1st Prize) and a US$25 one for 2nd Prize, good for almost anything on eBay. As a Newsletter subscriber, even though you're already familiar with the benefits and fun of, you are more than welcome to enter the contest and vie for a winning prize.

Julee Morrison is kindly hosting our contest over at her blog, Mommy's Memorandum, where she candidly reviews products and services that are of interest to her audience. She also frequently runs giveaways in tandem with such reviews.

Contest entry consists of just a simple (and free) task, and from among all contestants who properly complete the required entry, 2 winners will be chosen at random. Full details on the contest, and entry submission, are available on her blog. So please be sure to click on over to Mommy's Memorandum, learn more, and submit your entry:

-- Site News --

(*) FACEBOOK - We're on Facebook! Yes, we've finally jumped aboard the current millennium and have a humble Facebook Fan Page where you can see the bright, shining faces of those who use our site to help them identify cool stuff on eBay.

Would you mind taking a quick moment to Fan/Like us on Facebook? As you know, it's a simple click on the "Like" button at the top of our Fan Page (Facebook used to call it "Become a Fan"), and we'd be ever grateful to see more and more folks as part of our small Facebook community. Thanks very much! (Here's the link...)

(*) BOOKMARKED SEARCHES - A number of our visitors have requested a feature we finally turned into reality: the ability to bookmark, or "permalink", a search. For example, we've noticed that we have visitors who like to regularly use to see the top Reborn Baby Dolls on eBay, but must type that into the Keywords box at each visit. No longer!

Simply run your search once as usual, then look for the 'Permalink/Bookmark' link towards the bottom of the page. You can drag that link to your desktop or browser toolbar to make it 1-click simple to see current search results at of your favorite eBay items. Check it out now at the bottom of this search results page:

(*) INSTANT SEARCH - You know that little search box at the top-right corner of your browser? It lets you quickly search via any search engine from wherever you may be on the web. Well, now you can easily add to that list of search providers to make it quicker to see Most Watched eBay items at the drop of a hat. This won't disturb your default selection or any others you have in your providers list, and adding us only takes 1 or 2 clicks.

Just visit any page and look at your browser's instant search box/bar. Click the drop-down button (little black triangle) and find "Add Search Providers..." then click "". Done! We're now a search option there, so next time you come across mention of your favorite pair of designer sunglasses, you can copy the term into that search box and see the hottest ones that are live on eBay pronto.

More information about this, including browser screenshots, here:

(*) IE ACCELERATOR - If you're an Internet Explorer browser user, there's an even quicker way to get the functionality offered by our browser search provider feature. By adding the IE Accelerator to your browser (only 2-clicks does it), you can call up immediate search results at simply by highlighting text on any webpage, then right-clicking. So, if you happen across mention of a "Griswold 12 skillet" in a blog post somewhere and you're curious about the top-voted ones on eBay, you'd highlight it, and a click or 2 later you'd see this:

If you install our browser search provider (as discussed up above) in Internet Explorer, it'll come bundled with the IE Accelerator as well. If not, you can read more about it, or 2-click install it from here:

-- Tips --

(*) SHARING - Did you know that it's super easy to share to your favorite social media sites? Just click the "Share/Email a Friend... Bookmark" button waaaaaaay in the bottom-right corner of any page. You can choose your favorite service, such as Facebook, Digg, or MySpace, to tell others about our website. Thanks for sharing!

(*) HOT SEARCHES - Curious what eBay users are *searching* for the most on eBay? While we don't show that information ourselves here at, here's an easy way to find the top-searched items in most any eBay category:

1) Visit our home page ( ) and look for the "Show Me...!" button in the middle of the page.

2) Below that button, select the proper eBay country-site you are interested in.

3) Below those country links, click the blue "eBay Pulse" link you see in fine print to be taken to eBay's Pulse page for that country. You'll then see a "Popular Searches" area on that page that shows the top eBay searches.

4) The Category drop-down box up above that list allows you to drill down a few levels to the specific category that you're interested in.

(*) NEWS - Our News page is the place to go for detailed information about new happenings at You can also find there a loooooong history of updates n' things from the past 2+ years of our existence.

-- Visitor Q&A --

(*) Q: A visitor recently emailed us: "Do you need at least one bid as well as having enough watchers on your eBay auction to get on the list in a category?" (minorly edited for clarity)

(*) A: Yes, that's partially correct. At we rank eBay items by their Watch Counts, revealing the Most Watched ones, based on your keywords or category selection. However, eBay does impose a small "popularity threshold" on the items that we obtain through our data-feed with them. (We think this may be done to help reduce abuse/fraud.) While the details of this minimum threshold aren't disclosed, we've noticed that this low cross-over point usually happens when an item receives 1 bid (auction format) or 1 previous sale (fixed-price listing).

This means that once items cross that line, we can then rank them by Most Watched/Popular, regardless of how many watchers they have. Yes, even items with zero watchers appear in our search results!

-- Hidden eBay Niche --

(*) Art Deco items! Radios, clocks, lamps, trinkets... It's not uncommon for auction-format items in this genre to accumulate 3-digit Watch Counts:

-- What are Others Searching For? --

In addition to Art Deco items, as mentioned above, these are some other things searched for more often than others here on the website:

(*) "Twilight" - Not much explanation needed here. See what they see when they search in the Twilight...

(*) "Beatles" - Again, no surprise here. Not infrequently a White Album or Abbey Road LP bubbles its way up to the top, garnishing 100+ watchers. Check out the top-voted Beatles items live on eBay UK right now:

-- What's Most Watched Right Now? --

I'm often surprised by what kinds of gems are being bid on over at eBay Motors. With still a couple days remaining, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE is on the auction block, at the moment having captured 30+ bids at a current bid price of more than US$25,000. It's the most watched item in all of eBay Motors right now with a stunning 630+ watchers:

I admit, I'm not a big car buff. But what wow's me is that despite its condition (ummm... not exactly mint), as seen in the comprehensive array of photos provided by the owner, collectors are still ponying up what's necessary to stay in the running for this classic piece of history -- and we still have a few days left before the hammer falls. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.


Thanks for reading, everyone, and we'll see you again in a few months.

(...And hey - please don't forget to Fan/Like us on Facebook. :-) Thanks bunches!)


PS Remember to visit each time you sit down to begin your next eBay shopping or selling experience. :-)

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