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Newsletter: Issue #007 Newsletter Issue #007 (January 2010)

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-- Issue #007 : January, 2010 --
~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ - How many people are secretly watching your favorite eBay items?



Happy New Year! It's been a while since our last newsletter, so as usual let's dive right in with all the latest juicy news n' happenings...

-- Site News --

(*) WORDPRESS PLUGIN - The big news around here is the recent launch of our free eBay WordPress plugin, finally unleashed onto the world after several months of assiduous development. If you use WP to blog, you might be interested to know that our plugin makes it easy to display most watched/popular eBay items in your blog's sidebar or in-post. Just like the ones shown on, these items have been "voted" on by registered eBay users, so you know you're showcasing interesting products to your readers, whether you're a niche blogger, or ePN affiliate, or other eBay fan.

More importantly, we just added functionality to enable eBay sellers to show their own items, as more and more sellers are looking for additional ways to draw attention to their stock, whether from on eBay or off.

Our plugin flaunts a whole slew of handy features, such as displaying relevant items based on the post tags you specify when publishing your WP posts. You can also draw item info (title, price, picture) into your posts simply by typing a special tag within the flow of your text – good if you like to blog about newly listed items.

Our plugin is registered with WordPress, meaning it can be found in their official Plugin Directory – and installed right from within your WP blog's plugin pages. We're thrilled to see that over 400 bloggers have downloaded it so far!

You'll find the full scoop, including jump-right-in Quick Start Instructions and links to a sample blog and screenshots, right here:

Oh, did we mention? Our plugin is FREE (like all of our services)!

(*) EBAY SECRETS - We recently began giving away a copy of Skip McGrath's eBook "eBay Secrets Mini-Course: How eBay Professionals Consistently Make Money on eBay" to new subscribers of our newsletter. However, we of course also wanted to make it available to past subscribers. (New subscribers: sign up to get it.)

-- Tips --

(*) EBAY DAILY DEALS - Each day, eBay (US, UK, Australia, Germany) showcases a small collection of specially arranged, heavily discounted items. The eBay Daily Deal always offers hot merchandise with free shipping, in Fixed-Price format, from hand-picked top eBay sellers. Because of the depth of the markdown, quantities are very limited, and the items not infrequently sell out within hours of going live.

If you follow these Daily Deals, you might be interested to learn we display them live on our site. We include a few other little details about such items like the quantity remaining (so you know how close to a sellout they are) and often how many watchers as well. Check it out:

(*) WATCHING YOURSELF - Do you use our Widget to show the world how many watchers your items have? Don't forget: After your listing goes live, you can add yourself as a watcher of the item to increase its Watch Count by +1.

(*) CATEGORY LOOKUP - Do you track eBay category numbers? You might have such figures in your notes, such as if you're a seller who regularly lists in certain categories or are on the prowl in certain eBay hierarchies looking for undervalued eBay items to flip. If you have such a number jotted down but forgot what category it translates to, you can look it up on our Advanced Search page, simply by entering it into the "Include" box:

-- Visitor Q&A --

We had a recent visitor ask us, "I have over 250 listings. Is there any way I can get your Widget in them other than doing each one manually? Also, the same would apply to any new listings."

Thankfully, the HTML code snippet for the Widget is fairly standard and doesn't need to be adjusted for each unique item. This means that to have it appear in all your listings going forward, it only need be dropped into your standard listing template. Voila! Many sellers do that with our Widget, as it's an easy "set it and forget it" tactic.

As for adding it to currently active listings, you'd need to find a bulk revision tool that would allow you to simply add a block of text (the HTML snippet) to all current/specified listings. 3rd party providers such as InkFrog and Auctiva seem to offer such services, although we haven't actually tried/confirmed such tools ourselves.

-- Hidden eBay Niche --

On Bernina sewing machines are being snatched up for sometimes upwards of $1K+ winning bids, sporting over 100 watchers on occasion. Here are the most eyed ones at this moment:

-- What's Most Watched Right Now? --

Where on eBay can you find people throwing down 6-figure US$ bids, competing with dozens of others bidders?

-- What are Others Searching For? --

Looking through the search logs recently, here are some items that stood out:

(*) ACEO - These are a kind of artwork, not unlike a sports trading card (actually, of the same dimensions) – painted, drawn, or otherwise created by any number of artists. ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals" and some people make them while others collect them. We see searches at for both "aceo" alone and paired up with themes like "aceo cat" and "aceo original bird". Here are the most watched ACEO items on eBay, although you might want to refine the results by adding in a narrower term for yourself:

(*) U2 - This ever-popular rock band will never go out of style. However, it seems that, judging from our search results, U2 is also a model number for a certain electric guitar as well as a couple other miscellaneous gizmos. Here are the most watched ones in the US, and in Ireland (where U2 the rock band hails from):


Thanks for reading, and we'll see you again in a couple months!


PS Remember to visit each time you sit down to begin your next eBay shopping or selling experience. :-)

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