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Newsletter: Issue #006 Newsletter Issue #006 (September 2009)

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-- Issue #006 : September, 2009 --
~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ - How many people are secretly watching your favorite eBay items?



We hope your summer has been as nice as ours (if you're also here in the northern hemisphere). We've had a lot happening here at since our last mailing. While we can't fit all the news into this 1 email, most of the important events and chatter are below, followed by the usual interesting newsletter tidbits.

Thanks for reading.


-- Site News --

(*) NEW LOGO! - We finally sat down and had a new logo for drawn up. It was time to both spice things up and smooth things out a bit - and add another dimension to the header graphic that you can see at the top of every page. We've been politely nudged by our friends for a while now to transition off the old logo, and we're glad we finally made it happen.

You might be surprised to learn that is actually not a giant, multinational corporation with its own sprawling in-house creative design department. As such, we're grateful to for providing their free graphic design services (for years now) to help small businesses like us.

How do you feel about our new logo? Please share your thoughts on our Global Conversations thread:

(*) WIDGET UPDATE - If you've been selling on eBay for any length of time, you've probably experienced some bumps in the road when eBay announces a change of some kind to its site and/or policies. Lesser known is that 3rd-party developers like ourselves are also subject to shifts on the eBay platform, and unfortunately a minor change recently negatively impacted the performance of the Widget. In a nutshell, the Widget can continue being helpful for a number of our sellers; it just now automatically hides itself until a certain "popularity threshold" of the item is reached. If you're using our Widget, please have a look at our News page for an update:

(*) ITEM LOOKUP - We're happy to now offer a new, much-requested feature on Item Lookup (ILU) shows you a collection of eBay listing details to assist with your specific-item research endeavors. ILU shows a number of standard specs (such as title, seller, current price, etc.), but also some data that may be harder to find on eBay's View Item page, such as item quantity sold/available, category ID, or exact end time. Of course, we'll try to include the current Watch Count in ILU search results as well. (However some such details, like how many watchers or viewers the item has accrued, may be unavailable to us, pursuant to privacy thresholds in place by either eBay or the individual seller.)

To access Item Lookup simply go to our main search page and paste the eBay item number into the Keywords box and click the "Show Me..." button.

(*) MISSPELLED ITEMS - Items with misspelled titles appear daily on eBay and offer opportunities to snag unexpected bargains, whether for profit or for raw shopping excitement. We're pleased to now offer a misspellings search option at, located on a page unto itself. This search feature is extremely simple to use, and while it's not directly in line with the prevailing themes of, we feel many of our regular visitors may find it a helpful service in the course of their eBay shopping activities.

Our misspelling search functionality is powered by one of our partners, They were actually the ones who first innovated eBay misspelled items searching, creating it, then bringing it into public use years ago (then leading to some copycat sites springing up afterwards). Check it out:

-- Tips --

(*) We currently support many eBay country-sites, with more gradually added in response to visitor demand. While is currently (regrettably) only in English, know that all search results are localized to the relevant country.

(*) Make or reply to publicly-viewable comments on our Global Conversations thread. Just login with an account you already have: Google, AIM, Yahoo!, and a few others. You can also easily start your own conversations and share with friends.

-- Visitor Q&A --

Q) Dennis asks us: "Does your widget work on Auctiva listings? If so, how do I go about applying it?"

A) Yes, it should work on Auctiva-managed listings, just as well as it would work on a self-listed item. Simply include the Widget HTML snippet within your listing description as part of the rest of the HTML. That's it!

-- Hidden eBay Niche --

Do you gamble? Many people do, whether for fun, for profit, or even professionally. Check out this "cute" little market on eBay that flaunts poker chips for sale — of all different flavors, colors, and degrees of collector allure:

-- What are Others Searching For? --

A popularly searched term on is 'antique'. This might be used alone, or coupled with another term. Some popular pairings we've seen are: 'antique purse', 'antique 18th', and 'antique leather chair'. Of course, several of the eBay country-sites have an entire category tree devoted to antiques.

Likewise, 'vintage' appears a bunch in our search logs (again, often leading a more specific term). We've noticed 'vintage dress' as a particular standout amongst other specific vintage items.

You can, of course, try the specific searches above, or more broadly, here are the top-watched antiques and vintage items on

'antiques' as a keyword search (across all categories):

'Antiques' category:

'vintage' broad keyword search:

-- What's Most Watched Right Now? --

Having run for nearly 2 years now, I've seen a lot of Watch Count figures for many eBay items. If I see the number of watchers on an auction-style item surpass 100, or even just 50+, I consider it admirable. And so, when I come across items with over 300 watchers, I'm seriously impressed!

I'm perpetually surprised at how easily vehicles are traded on eBay. Seeing cars with triple-digit Watch Counts still wows me. Here's a Lamborghini currently topping the eBay Motors site with 400+ watchers:


Thanks for reading, and we'll see you again next issue.


PS Follow us on Twitter! We'll let you know about funky/funny/wild/interesting/strange eBay items that everyone's got their eyes on:

PPS Remember to visit each time you sit down to begin your next eBay shopping or selling session. :-)

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