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Newsletter: Issue #004 Newsletter Issue #004 (June 2009)

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-- Issue #004 : June, 2009 --
~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ - How many people are secretly watching your favorite eBay items?



It's been a while since our last newsletter, so let's get going...

-- Site News --

(*) We're happy to have gotten the attention and endorsement of some well-known eBay PowerSellers. Danna Crawford, a self-proclaimed "eBay cheerleader" has been selling on eBay since 1997, is an eBay Education Specialist, and was awarded the 2008 eBay Hall of Fame Award. Danna kindly invited us to sit down with her on her Power Selling Mom Blog Talk Radio talk show to chat about the Widget and what it can do for eBay sellers. You can download/listen to the archived show here:

Skip McGrath, esteemed eBay author, teacher, and long-time PowerSeller had some good things to say about us in his March newsletter. Skip's writings (newsletters, blogs posts, ebooks) about eBay selling are incredibly insightful, and we were flattered to have been mentioned in his newsletter of 35K+ subscribers.

(*) We made a couple minor improvements to our services recently. Our Dynamic Watch Link that is coupled with the Widget had its "rough edges" cleaned up a bit for a tighter, bolder feel. In becoming a tad more attractive, hopefully it will garnish more user clicks, getting shoppers that much closer to your items for sale.

Moreover, we've just completed the addition of a small, new feature to our Advanced Search page. Search results there will now display the item type, such as Auction Format or Fixed-Price. For Fixed-Price (Buy It Now) items, it's also clear how many past sales that item has accrued. With this extra information at hand, you can better assess the value of the items you're discovering on .

(*) Best of the Web, the world's oldest web directory, recently approved our application to be included in their index. Not everyone who applies gets accepted, so we're grateful for making it over that hurdle.

(*) We'll be attending the 2009 eBay Developer Conference over in Sunny San Jose, CA next week. If you plan to be there too, definitely let us know and we can try to connect.

-- Tips --

(*) Are you one of our many UK visitors? You can go directly to the UK version of our site by visiting

(*) Although we don't advertise this on our site, sometimes you can actually lookup the Watch Count of a specific item simply by dropping the item number into the Keywords box (shhhh!). You'll need to first make sure you've selected the proper eBay country-site of the item, and this trick will usually only work if the item has at least 1 bid (Auction Style listing) or 1 past sale (Fixed-Price item). Give it a try.

-- What are Others Searching For? --

(*) We've noticed a number of visitors searching for "how to" items. Are they sellers trying to tap into the demand for instructional information products? Perhaps. Here are the most watched ones in the US market right now:


Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next issue.


PS Remember to visit each time you sit down to begin your next eBay shopping or selling session. :-)

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