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Newsletter: Issue #003 Newsletter Issue #003 (March 2009)

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-- Issue #003 : March, 2009 --
~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ - How many people are secretly watching your favorite eBay items?


Hi everyone!

This newsletter is gonna be a quickie, so let's get going...


-- Site News --

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(*) In other news... The Widget enhancements I glossed over in our last newsletter went live a couple weeks ago. eBay sellers using the Widget are now benefiting from the extra features we stuffed under the hood. For example, the Widget can now be used to help incite an auction's first bid. You can read more about exactly what was added over on our news page:

(*) For the rest of us (not selling things on eBay), some nifty social features have been made available on The Comment Wall allows you to share some quick chatter with fellow site visitors. Need some assistance using the site? Found a cool eBay listing you want to tell others about? To post comments, just login with an account you already have: Google, AIM, or Yahoo!. There's no need to create a new login/password set just for our site, and your new social profile (including your network of friends you've built up) will travel with you to other Google Friend Connect sites. Here's the scoop:

-- Tip --

Did you know that you can find your way to our site by going to ?

-- What's Most Watched Right Now? --

Wow! Leading the Coins and Paper Money category on right now is a listing with nearly 300 photos in it! It's an estate sale jam-packed with silver coins, a few gold ones, sterling silver flatware, jewelry, valuable art, and much more. They're using our Widget, which at the moment is boasting 486 watchers and climbing. Have a look (within the next 3 days), and remember to cut your browser some slack as all of those photos come pouring down the pipe:


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PS Remember to visit each time you sit down to begin your next eBay shopping or selling session. :-)

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