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News Archive Newsletter Issue #010

Posted: 03-Nov-2011
We've just published Newsletter Issue #010 (November 2011). You'll soon be able to find it in the newsletter archive, but why not sign up for your own privately delivered copy?

eBay Radio Interviews at Innovate Conference

Posted: 16-Oct-2011
eBay Radio Last week in San Francisco at the X.commerce Innovate 2011 Conference for eBay and PayPal developers, we had the good fortune to be invited onto eBay Radio (eBay's official online radio network) to chat live with co-hosts Jim "Griff" Griffith and Lee Mirabal! We talked about X.commerce, the Community Builder Awards, and some of's most popular eBay tools and services for buyers and sellers. (You can listen to the archived radio segment after joining eBay Radio's Discussion Group.)

WP Plugin: v1.1.5 Upgrade Now Available

Posted: 27-Sep-2011
We've just released v1.1.5 of our free eBay WordPress plugin. This is a minor update that adds support for and also includes a few minor tweaks n' fixes. We also changed the default plugin skin/background to the ever-popular 'no-skin' option.
As always, the full rundown on our plugin is available on our main WCCWPPI information page. An easy 1-click upgrade process awaits you from within your blog's admin pages, and know that upgrading the WCCWPPI retains all of your current plugin settings. Moreover, WordPress v3.x makes it easy to upgrade all of your plugins at once.
Thanks for using (or your interest in) the WordPress Plugin!

WP Plugin: Milestone – 3,000 Downloads and Counting

Posted: 11-Sep-2011
WordPress The WordPress Plugin just hit another milestone this week, surpassing its 3,000th download. (Woo hoo!) This is a total count since our plugin launched 1.5 years ago.
The WCCWPPI (as we call it) is hosted at, and tracked independently by, You can see their download graph and counter for our plugin on the official WordPress Plugin Directory website.
If you use our WordPress plugin, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thanks for contributing to the master download tally, and we hope you're enjoying using the WCCWPPI to showcase your favorite eBay items within your blog.

Focus on Auctions in Most Watched Advanced Search

Posted: 10-Aug-2011
We know that a number of our visitors like to search for Most Watched eBay items, but would prefer to ignore fixed-price/BIN items that appear in results pages, and just see auction-style listings. To that end, we've added a filter to our Most Watched Advanced Search page that screens out non-auction search results, allowing you to keep your eye on collectibles, OOAK gems, and other items often found in bidding format.
It's as simple as clicking a checkbox on the search page, and items not in auction format will be hidden. As such, you'll find search results lists are shorter than usual. But by narrowing your search phrases with specific terms (and maybe negative keywords), and/or specifying subcategory numbers, you'll be able to hone in on niches that carry more auction-style results and see more of what you're seeking. (...Then you can bookmark the search URL/permalink to your browser's favorites to easily re-run it again next time.)

Permalinks/Bookmarks for Most Watched Advanced Search

Posted: 02-Aug-2011
We've just added bookmarking functionality to our Most Watched Advanced Search page. While most visitors use our Most Watched Basic Search on the homepage, we know that some folks like to avail themselves of the features of our Advanced Search page. They like to dig around in eBay's deep categories, search multiple categories, and display more results than what appear on our homepage. Now they can see the latest/current results of their favorite Most Watched searches, without having to retype into the Keywords and Categories search boxes.
If you're one of these people, we're sorry it took us so long to get this implemented. But now you can easily re-run your favorite searches simply by bookmarking (or dragging to your desktop) the permalink in the left sidebar. For example, see (and bookmark) eBay's Most Watched Green Lantern comics.

MakeUseOf Includes in 100+ Best Websites

Posted: 01-Jul-2011 | Revised: 01-Sep-2012 We've just learned that, a well-reputed online directory that categorizes and reviews thousands of web apps, has kindly included in their newly-released list of '100+ Best Websites On The Web'. Nice!
We're both honored and flattered to have been included in such a short list of helpful/cool/handy/fun websites worldwide, and we think this is a testament to the utility that our site holds for eBay users in many countries around the globe. Thanks, MakeUseOf ! Gets a New Logo

Posted: 07-Jun-2011
Yay! We've just launched our new site logo, apparent above in the header of every page. It was finally time (even overdue) to retire our classic "Web 1.0" logo of 3 years and upgrade to something with a little more depth.
We hope you enjoy our new look as much as we do!

New QR Code for

Posted: 08-Apr-2011
Yay! We've finally jumped aboard the current decade and obtained a QR code for . QR Code In case you're not familiar with them, QR codes enable smartphone users to easily navigate to specific websites, simply by scanning, or snapping a photo of, one of these codes. No tedious keying in of URLs needed!
These very technical and dry looking visual patterns are getting more prevalent in print media here in the US and abroad, appearing on posters, billboards, brochures, and other items. (BTW, 'QR' means 'quick response'.)
So, what do we plan to do with our flashy new QR code? Hmmmm... Frankly, we're not quite sure yet. ;-) We just thought it would be fun to have one. Sooner or later we figure we're bound to find somewhere to slap it up.
You can generate your own free QR codes at many places around the web. (We built ours here.)

eBay Radio Interviews

Posted: 12-Feb-2011
eBay Radio We were flattered to be invited onto eBay Radio (eBay's official online radio network) earlier this week to chat live with legendary co-hosts Jim "Griff" Griffith and Lee Mirabal. They were eager to hear about's free services, including our recently-launched tools for identifying most bid-on, or overlooked, eBay auctions. We hope their audience too found the discussion enlightening and helpful. (You can listen to the archived radio segment after joining eBay Radio's Discussion Group.)

Support for Added to

Posted: 08-Feb-2011
We've recently added support for an additional international eBay country-site: Now, eBay users in Philippines will be able to use's free services for the eBay site closest to them.
New visitors from Philippines should arrive at with site searching automatically set to And of course anyone is welcome to specify their country-site preference using the drop-down selector in the menu bar of any page.
Thanks, as always, for using! Features

Posted: 27-Jan-2011 We were flattered to learn that, reviewers of cool, fun, or handy website tools, not only included in their directory, but today featured us alongside a small handful of other helpful sites.
As a well-reputed directory that has received numerous kudos in their few short years of existence (PC Magazine, Technorati, ...), categorizes and reviews thousands of web apps. We're very happy they've counted us among their array of apps worth showcasing to the world. See their review of us.

WP Plugin: Over 2,000 Downloads So Far

Posted: 21-Jan-2011
WordPress Today the WordPress Plugin has surpassed its 2,000th download! The WCCWPPI (as we call it) is hosted at, and tracked by, You can see their download graph and counter for our plugin on the official WordPress Plugin Directory website.
If you use the WCCWPPI, a big thanks for contributing to the master download tally, and we hope you're getting your money's worth from it.

WP Plugin: v1.1.4 Upgrade Now Available

Posted: 17-Jan-2011
We've just released v1.1.4 of our free eBay WordPress plugin. It includes an important performance optimization/patch. This should speed up the efficiency and display of the plugin within your blog's pages (making your blog a little faster). We recommend that you take a moment to update the plugin within your blog.
As always, the full rundown on our plugin is available on our main WCCWPPI information page. An easy 1-click upgrade process awaits you from within your blog's admin pages. Note that upgrading the WCCWPPI retains all of your current plugin settings. Moreover, WordPress v3.0 makes it easy to upgrade all of your plugins at once.
Thanks for using (or your interest in) the WordPress Plugin! Now Even More Likeable

Posted: 18-Nov-2010
We've just finished adding Facebook Like buttons around the site, hoping to make it easier for folks to effectively vote for us and spread the good word about
If all goes according to plan, then the Facebook Like Box we've displayed below search results will also show the smiling faces of your friends who've given us a big thumbs up as well.
If you will, please take a moment to "Like" us (well, only if you really do like us!) via any of the buttons scattered about – such as in the sidebar of this page.
Thanks very much!
(Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.) Widget: Required HTML Update

Posted: 04-Oct-2010 Widget As we had announced in early August, and in our September newsletter (and via Twitter, and on our home page), today we're completing the transition to a new server for some of our services. This directly affects both the Widget and the Dynamic Watch Link, requiring that sellers update the HTML code in their listings to current code snippets.
Many sellers took the opportunity to update their Widget code snippets early on, so today's cutoff of the old HTML code functionality won't effect them. For everyone else, have a look at our earlier announcement for more details, including where to obtain the new/current HTML code snippets. Switching to the latest HTML code block is mandatory as of today, if sellers would like to continue using the free Widget and/or Dynamic Watch Link.
Thanks for your cooperation in helping us upgrade our servers! Newsletter Issue #009

Posted: 01-Sep-2010
We've just published Newsletter Issue #009 (September 2010). You'll soon be able to find it in the newsletter archive, but why not sign up for your own privately delivered copy?

Just Launched: Search by Most/Fewest Bids

Posted: 26-Aug-2010
After months of development and testing, we're excited to announce the launch of our Most Bids search appliance for eBay auction-style items.
Until now, has focused its search tools on sorting items by "Most Watched". But now you can search the expansive eBay marketplace for auction items that have the most bids, offering a ranking system aligned with a different kind of popularity indicator – specific to auction-style listings. We've entertained a number of requests for this specific search feature and are happy to finally satisfy this interest, adding another method to identify popular items within eBay's vast array of saleable items.
Also, an interesting spinoff to this new feature is the ability to reveal items with the fewest bids, ending very soon. Deal hunters and arbitragers may find this tool particularly useful as it helps to narrow in on auction items about to close but with no (or very few) bids – possible missed opportunities for most eBay shoppers, but identifiable via our revealing search tool.
We hope you enjoy these added benefits to our site and, as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Widget: Please Update Your HTML Code

Posted: 08-Aug-2010 Widget After 2 years of powering the Widget for eBay sellers in its current incarnation, we're having to move its software to a faster server. The good news is that this transition will increase its performance and stability, making it work just as it does today, but a little faster. The bad news: we'll need to require that sellers update the HTML code in their listings as a result. (Sorry!)
If you're an eBay seller using either the Widget or the Dynamic Watch Link in your listings, please update your HTML code for these widgets as soon as possible. You can obtain the latest code snippets from the aforementioned links. (If the Widget HTML code you currently use in your listings was obtained from our site after the date of this post, 08-Aug-2010, then you're already using the latest/current code snippet and will not need to update it.)
Rest assured that when replacing the HTML code in a currently active listing, the Watch Count will continue to be accurate – the counter will not reset to zero. Also know that replacing the HTML code is as simple as copying over the old chunk with the new (unless you have customizations you want to carry over).
The old HTML code you may still be using right now will continue to run for another several weeks. On Mon-04-Oct-2010 we'll have to pull the plug on the old code – the former Widget HTML code snippet will completely stop working on that date – to fully transition to the new server, so please update your HTML code by then. We'll announce this in our upcoming newsletter, and we'll also try to contact and alert as many sellers as we can directly.
Also, if you haven't done so already, it would be a very good idea to jump aboard our low-volume mailing list so that we can keep you informed of important changes like this in the future.
We've moved servers before, quietly in the background, but this time we'll need to have our sellers make a code change as well. Thanks for your patience and assistance with this server migration, and as always, please get in touch with any questions you may have.

WP Plugin: v1.1.3 Upgrade Now Available

Posted: 20-Jun-2010
We've just released v1.1.3 of our free eBay WordPress plugin. The main change in this upgrade is the extension of support for 4 international eBay country-sites (NL, CH, AT, MY) we'd already added to a couple months ago.
For bloggers who use the plugin's impression-sharing feature (where your eBay affiliate links randomly rotate with ours), you'll be happy to learn that we've also boosted that placement ratio from 50% to 80%! This means your links will appear in the plugin that much more often (and for us, that much less), potentially earning you more ePN affiliate commissions. (This server-side change went into effect today for all versions of our plugin, but is visually noted in v1.1.3.)
As always, the full rundown on our plugin is available on our main WCCWPPI information page. If you're currently using the WCCWPPI, you can of course continue with any of the previously released versions, however an easy 1-click upgrade process also awaits you from within your blog's admin pages if you'd like to avail yourself of this new version's improvements – all without losing any of your current settings.
This upgrade is also confirmed compatible with WordPress's milestone v3.0 release, unleashed a few days ago by the good folks at WordPress. While you're upgrading our plugin, maybe you'd like to get yourself to the latest WordPress version as well.
Thanks for using (or your interest in) the WordPress Plugin!

WP Plugin: 1,000 Downloads and Counting

Posted: 10-May-2010
WordPress We've just learned that the WordPress Plugin has surpassed its 1,000th download! The WCCWPPI (as we call it) is hosted at, and tracked by, You can see their download graph and counter for our plugin on the official WordPress Plugin Directory website.
If you use the WCCWPPI, a big thank you for contributing to the master download tally, and we hope you're getting good mileage from it.
Not yet using our plugin to showcase eBay items on your blog? You can read more about our free WordPress plugin, see screenshots, or get started right away, here on our plugin information page.
As always, thanks for using!

$50 eBay Gift Card Giveaway/Contest

Posted: 22-Apr-2010
We're holding a contest to help spread the good word about! The prizes: One US$50 eBay Gift Card (1st Prize) and a US$25 one as 2nd Prize, good for almost anything on eBay.
Mommy's Memorandum Blog Julee Morrison is kindly hosting our contest over at her blog, Mommy's Memorandum, where she candidly reviews products and services that are of interest to her readers.
Contest entry consists of just a simple (and free) task, and from among all contestants who properly complete the required entry (and optional bonus entries), 2 winners will be chosen at random. Full details on the contest and entry submission are available on her blog.
The contest is running for about 1 more week, so please be sure to click on over to Mommy's Memorandum, learn more, and submit your entry.
...And if you're new to, see how fun it is to discover eBay items in a way that can't be done on eBay itself (yes, we also reveal the hidden number of eBay Watchers). For example, here are the current top-voted cars and trucks on eBay Motors. Newsletter Issue #008

Posted: 20-Apr-2010
We've just published Newsletter Issue #008 (April 2010). You'll soon be able to find it in the newsletter archive, but why not sign up for your own privately delivered copy?

4 More International eBay Sites Added

Posted: 08-Apr-2010
We've just added support for 4 more international eBay country-sites to Nederland (Netherlands), Österreich (Austria), Schweiz (Switzerland), and Malaysia. If you're an eBay shopper of one of these newly supported countries, you now have access to Watch Count data and popular item rankings to help you comparison shop and better frame your buying activities on eBay.
Admittedly, at the moment there are still a few cosmetic loose ends on the site that we're cleaning up, but rest assured that full search functionality is available for these, and all other, eBay sites listed on our homepage. We'll finish tidying things up shortly.
Thanks, as always, for using! Can Now Be Found on Facebook

Posted: 10-Mar-2010
Find us on Facebook We're on Facebook! The vast, unstoppable social networking site has a new resident, We're not taking up much space there – just a Fan Page where our visitors can join up to stay connected with our small community.
We plan to post site updates and tips there (just as with our Twitter feed) and if we gain enough momentum, break out the discussion forum to make it easier for fans and visitors to interact.
Please take a moment to Fan us over at Facebook – thanks very much!
(Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.)

eBay Radio Discusses

Posted: 05-Mar-2010
We were tickled to learn (and hear) how during yesterday's edition of eBay Radio, hosts Jim "Griff" Griffith and Lee Mirabal had a good time discovering the benefits of, live on their show. ...You can hear the archived episode yourself in segment #3 here at eBroadcast Studios.

Live Web Page Translation at

Posted: 02-Mar-2010
A new feature just added to automatic, live translation of our web pages into 50+ languages. We're employing one of Google's translation tools on our site; when it detects that a visitor arrives with a browser/computer set to a non-English language, a toolbar will appear, presenting the option for immediate page translation before the visitor's eyes.
Translation occurs without any page re-loads and should be automatic for the user as she moves around the site. Alternatively, anyone can select a target language at the bottom of any page to trigger the translation manually.
We hope this feature will help our non-English visitors benefit from the various search functions at – notably, identifying top-voted eBay items, especially on the variety of international eBay country-sites that supports.
Naturally, because this translation service is automated, it can be expected to be rather "rough". Nevertheless, we hope that even such a "quick and dirty" mechanical translation will prove to be helpful enough to some visitors that they can continue to enjoy the benefits of our site.

Just Launched: Browser Search Provider

Posted: 27-Feb-2010
We've just launched a new and small-but-handy feature here at that makes it easier to discover popular eBay items using our website. Now you can use from the comfort of your browser's search box/bar! As a browser search provider, we're now capable of being added to the list of search engines – right alongside Google, for example – in the built-in search facilities of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and perhaps other browsers as well.
Adding us to your providers list is often a matter of just 2-3 clicks, and it won't disturb your default search provider. Instead, you'll have us as a useful option alongside your other specialized search engines like mapping providers, translation services, and shopping services. Some screenshots and more information can be found on our Browser Search Provider page.
Thanks for using!

Bookmark/Shortcut Your Favorite Searches

Posted: 23-Feb-2010
We're excited to finally offer a much-requested feature: the ability to bookmark your search results into a Permalink for easy, direct access anytime. This makes it simple to run your favorite searches, and see the latest/current results, without having to retype into the Keywords search box. Instead, you'd simply click the bookmarked link that you had once dragged onto your desktop or into your browser's Favorites/Bookmarks menu or toolbar after your initial search.
You'll find the new Permalink located at the bottom of each search results set on's Basic Search page (homepage).
WP Plugin: v1.1.2 Upgrade Now Available
Posted: 17-Feb-2010
We've just released v1.1.2 of our free eBay WordPress plugin. The main change in this upgrade is the squashing of a bug that was causing plugin problems for bloggers using PHP under IIS. Most people use PHP under Linux and thus wouldn't be affected. A few other peripheral tweaks and cosmetic improvements were also made, as is often the case with most upgrades.
As always, the full rundown on our plugin is available on our main WCCWPPI information page. If you're currently using the WCCWPPI, you can of course continue with any of the previously released versions, however an easy 1-click upgrade process also awaits you from within your blog's admin pages if you'd like to avail yourself of this new version's improvements – all without losing any of your current settings.
This upgrade is also confirmed compatible with the latest WordPress version (v2.9.2), released a couple days ago by the good folks at WordPress. While you're upgrading our plugin, maybe you'd like to get yourself to the latest WordPress version as well.
Thanks for using (or your interest in) the WordPress Plugin!
Just Launched: IE Accelerator
Posted: 28-Jan-2010
IE Accelerator We're excited to finally launch our new IE Accelerator, making it a piece of cake to call up Most Popular eBay items at directly from whatever website you might happen to be visiting. Simply by selecting text snippets anywhere on the web – such as if you're reading an interesting blog post about collectible cookware, or diamond rings, or... – with just a couple clicks you can pull up search results on to see top-voted Most Watched eBay items in real-time.
You'll need to have the latest version of Internet Explorer (free, of course) to use this handy feature (also free). It downloads and installs in less than 3 seconds here on our IE Accelerator page. (Also on that page are links to with more information and videos about their IE Accelerators.) Newsletter Issue #007
Posted: 11-Jan-2010
We've just published Newsletter Issue #007 (January 2010). You'll soon be able to find it in the newsletter archive, but why not sign up for your own privately delivered copy?
WP Plugin: v1.1.1 Upgrade Now Available
Posted: 24-Dec-2009
We've just released v1.1.1 of our free eBay WordPress plugin. The main feature added to this upgrade was in response to a couple of our users who wanted to include a WP Theme-formatted text label above the plugin when displayed as a sidebar widget (just like other items in the sidebar). This is now possible, simply by entering your text in the new 'Sidebar Widget Label' field on the Admin/Settings page.
As always, the full rundown on our plugin is available on our main WCCWPPI information page. If you're currently using the WCCWPPI, you can of course continue with either of the previous versions, however a 1-click upgrade process also awaits you from within your blog's admin pages if you'd like to avail yourself of this additional functionality – all without losing any of your current settings.
Thanks for using (or your interest in) the WordPress Plugin!
WP Plugin: Compatible with WordPress v2.9
Posted: 21-Dec-2009
WordPress released a milestone upgrade late last week, prompting millions of blog owners to begin upgrading their existing WordPress installations to the new version 2.9.
Over the weekend we completed testing of the WordPress Plugin and confirmed that it is, as expected, completely compatible with this new WP version as-is (no plugin upgrade required). Chats With RRB Radio
Posted: 09-Dec-2009 We had a great time chatting with the good folks on the RRB Radio show this evening. Beth and Melinda kindly invited us aboard this week to discuss our new free eBay WordPress plugin which sellers can use to easily showcase their items within their WP blogs.
In recent weeks, RRB (The River, The Ranch, and The Bay) has had such eBay celebrity guests as Janelle Elms of OSI Rock Stars and Diane Kennedy, CPA, so we're honored to have been invited back into the limelight during one of their holiday season show segments.
All of RRB's current and previous shows are archived for free download at
WP Plugin: v1.1.0 Upgrade Now Available
Posted: 07-Dec-2009
We've just released v1.1.0 of our free eBay WordPress plugin. A major feature was just added: a blogger can now opt to display items from a specific eBay seller, instead of just Most Popular/Watched eBay items from across the marketplace. This feature is geared for eBay sellers who also blog and would welcome a tool to help them market their products outside of eBay.
As always, the full scoop is available on our main WCCWPPI information page. If you're currently using the WCCWPPI, you can of course continue with v1.0.0, however a 1-click upgrade process also awaits you from within your blog's admin pages if you'd like to avail yourself of this additional functionality – all without losing any of your current settings.
Thanks for using (or your interest in) the WordPress Plugin!
Extended eBay Outage Today
Posted: 21-Nov-2009
As you may know, eBay suffered a serious outage today affecting much of its entire site, making millions of listings inaccessible to searchers, be they shoppers or sellers themselves. This affected our website, as it did many other 3rd-party providers, knocking out most of our services. If you visited today you ought to have seen our alert message on the home page summarizing the state of affairs. Numerous eBay forum posts discussed this unusual and rare system failure, and eBay was certainly working hard and fast to bring the situation to resolution.
At this point (Sun-22-Nov-2009 ~1:00am PST) it seems search functionality across most of eBay has returned to status quo, although there are scattered reports of "aftershocks" affecting things. Our services seem to now be functioning properly as a result, and we'll continue to monitor things throughout the weekend to make sure all is up to snuff.
Thanks for your patience during all of this. If you have any questions, feel free to post on our Global Conversations page, or email us directly via the 'Contact Us' link appearing in the footer of every WCC page.
Just Launched: WordPress Plugin for eBay
Posted: 20-Nov-2009
WordPress After months of development, we're excited to finally announce the launch of the new WordPress Plugin for eBay! This free plugin (we abbreviate it WCCWPPI) allows bloggers to display Most Popular eBay items and auctions directly on their blogs. Just like here on, such items are voted on by both eBay shoppers and sellers via their "Watch This Item" clicks and ranked accordingly in real-time, reflecting an actual, cumulative interest by registered eBay users. The plugin displays these items in a WordPress blog's sidebar or directly within posts. Search keywords are blogger-specified during configuration, or automatically "on-the-fly" via post tags and anchor tags.
Niche bloggers might like to showcase interesting, relevant products to their readership, and eBay sellers may enjoy the feature to include any specific eBay item right within their blog post simply by embedding the item number as they type – such as if they're announcing a new auction they've just listed on eBay. Moreover, ePN account holders can generate affiliate commissions from using the WCCWPPI.
Check out the main WCCWPPI information page for the full scoop, download link, and comment/support 'mini-forum'.
eBay Daily Deals in UK and Germany Expand
Posted: 01-Oct-2009
eBay Daily Deals (eDD) on and are now featuring 2 time-limited, deeply discounted deals each day instead of just 1. We've updated our eDD page to showcase these additional items that always sell with free shipping/delivery at fixed-price. eBay makes special arrangements with top sellers to offer these popular bargains, and they tend to sell out quickly.
eBay Developers Program Showcases
Posted: 21-Sep-2009
The eBay Developers Program (which runs the API platform upon which is built) was kind enough to profile alongside other successful 3rd-party providers in the eBay developers landscape. You can read their write-up here.
Classic Logo Restored
Posted: 16-Sep-2009
We've just restored the classic header graphic on our site. Why? The new logo, while fresher and a little more "Web 2.0", came with enough lukewarm and "ho-hum" comments that we felt the older logo was really where we should be for the time being. It has a simple look, just like our site, and sports the radiating yellow glow that makes it look that much more alive than its transient successor graphic.
Sorry if we're confusing anyone, but things ought to be relatively stable in this respect going forward. (Who remembers New/Classic Coke?) Newsletter Issue #006
Posted: 06-Sep-2009
We've just published Newsletter Issue #006 (September 2009). You'll soon be able to find it in the newsletter archive, but why not sign up for your own privately delivered copy?
New eBay Misspellings Search Feature
Posted: 03-Sep-2009
We've just added a new search feature that can help you find misspelled eBay items on the top English-based eBay sites. This functionality has a page unto itself here on our site, although it's quite a simple utility to use. Admittedly, it's not directly on par with the prevailing themes of, however we feel many of our regular visitors may find it a useful service in their eBay shopping activities.
Our misspelling search functionality is powered by one of our partners, They were actually the ones who first innovated eBay misspelled items searching, creating it, then bringing it into public use years ago (leading to some copycat sites springing up afterwards).
Wondering why you might want to find misspelled eBay items? The answer's quickly summarized right on our misspelled items search page.
New Logo for
Posted: 28-Aug-2009
Following some occasional (but polite) criticism, and a fair dose of procrastination, we've finally taken the time to revamp the header graphic, as should be evident at the top of this page. We hope you'll agree that it appears a little cleaner and more tangible than its predecessor.
Have we finally graduated from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0? Maybe, maybe not; but we think we're now sporting at least a Web 1.5 look.
Want to share your opinion? (We'd love to hear what you think!) Whether positive or constructive, please take a moment to post a comment here on our Global Conversations thread.
Thanks again for using!
--Jake Widget: Reduced Functionality
Posted: 08-Aug-2009
Being quite large, the eBay platform goes through various changes on a regular basis as it copes with an ever-changing internet landscape. A recent update unfortunately impinged on our ability to access Watch Count figures via our eBay data feed, and as a result, the Widget won't always be able to display the Watch Count of your items.
Although we're exploring possible workarounds, for the time being and going forward, the Widget will revert to its level of functionality before the March 2009 update. This means that it probably won't appear on Store Inventory items and single-quantity Fixed-Price items (and thus will remain hidden). Also, it'll be subject to eBay's internal "popularity threshold", and as a result will remain hidden in your auction-style listing until the first bid comes in, or after your multiple-quantity Fixed-Price listing receives its first sale.
We apologize for this inconvenience, but we do our best within the scope of eBay's permissive boundaries.
It still probably won't hurt to add the Widget to your listings, however. Even though it'll initially remain hidden (and up until your optionally specified minimum threshold), once it passes the eBay-defined crossover point, it'll appear, boasting to the world how many watchers that item has accumulated.
The world's full of change, and in the scheme of things this is just a small piece that affected us... Note that other features on our site, such as our Most Watched/Popular search capabilities, continue to remain as functional as before. Also, the Dynamic Watch Link ("Watch This Item" button) that's coupled with the Widget will also continue working in full force.
Thanks again for using!
--Jake Interviewed by The Selling Circus
Posted: 03-Aug-2009
Auction Wally and Phaedra Stockstill of The Selling Circus invited us to speak with them today on their weekly podcast about and what it can offer to both eBay buyers and sellers. We had a fun time chatting about eBay item popularity, selling experiences and strategies, the Widget, and we fielded some questions from the live chat room as well.
You can learn more about, or listen to, this latest episode — or review earlier editions of the Selling Circus.
eBay Daily Deals Now Featured
Posted: 26-Jul-2009
Each day, eBay showcases a small collection of specially arranged, heavily discounted items for sale on several of its sites. The eBay Daily Deal always offers merchandise with free shipping/postage, in Fixed-Price format, from hand-picked top eBay sellers. Because of the depth of the markdown, quantities are very limited, and the items often sellout within hours of going live.
We're pleased to be able to now feature the live eBay Daily Deal(s) for your country on this page of our site. In line with the theme of, we'll also show you how many watchers the items have accrued (as well as how close the items are to selling out).
Thanks again for using as part of your eBay shopping activities!
New Item Lookup Feature
Posted: 25-Jul-2009
We're happy to now offer a new, much-requested feature on Item Lookup (ILU) shows you a collection of eBay listing details to assist with your specific-item research endeavors.
ILU shows a number of standard specs (such as title, seller, current price, etc.), but also some data that may be harder to find on eBay's View Item page, such as item quantity sold/available, category ID, or exact end time. Moreover, we'll often be able to include the current Watch Count in ILU search results as well. (However some such details, like how many watchers or viewers the item has accrued, may be unavailble to us, persuant to privacy thresholds in place by either eBay or the individual seller.)
To access Item Lookup simply go to our main search page and paste the eBay item number into the Keywords box and click the "Show Me..." button.
--Jake Newsletter Issue #005
Posted: 12-Jul-2009
We've just published Newsletter Issue #005 (July 2009). You'll soon be able to find it in the newsletter archive, but why not sign up for your own privately delivered copy?
Minor Improvements, Tweaks, and Housecleaning
Posted: 11-Jul-2009
We've been doing a little housecleaning on of late. You might notice a less congested menu bar that now sports drop-down menus. Moreover, if you visit us with Safari or Chrome browsers, things more generally ought to look a little tighter and cleaner across the site as well.
On the functionality side of things, for our Basic Search you can now detect item types by eyeing the relevant label: "Past Sales" refers to Fixed-Price (BIN) items, while "Bids" of course refers to Auction Format listings. (No label? It must be a Classified Ad listing.) Of course, simply clicking on the item title or photo will give you the full scoop.
One last thing... Have you ever run a search on and wished for a quick way to eye the listings alongside similar results on eBay? Now you can! For keyword-based searches you'll now see a link at the bottom of the search results that says "See your search results on eBay instead"; a simple click will take you to eBay in a new window, showing you real-time results based on the keywords you'd already entered at
Thanks for using!
eBay Partner Network Interviews
Posted: 01-Jul-2009
We sat down with Amanda of eBay Partner Network and chatted about eBay and affiliate marketing, touching upon a variety of topics ranging from (in)efficient use of screen real estate, to site stickiness, to personal growth, and even pizza! Have a look on the ePN blog.
Skip McGrath Comments on
Posted: 25-Mar-2009 | Revised: 26-Jun-2009
Skip McGrath, esteemed eBay author, teacher, and long-time PowerSeller had some good things to say about us in his recent newsletter.
Never heard of Skip? If you're selling on eBay professionally, you'll certainly find at least some of his many guides, articles, and books on eBay selling helpful — written from the perspective of someone who's actually toiled in the trenches himself. (You may want to start with his compelling and insightful checklist, 77 Tips and Tools for Selling on The New eBay, which manages to cover a lot of terrain all on 1 page.)
Update: Skip had some more great things to say about us in his current newsletter!
--Jake Receives eBay's 2009 Star Developer Award
Posted: 17-Jun-2009
2009 eBay Star Developer Award We're both honored and humbled (and psyched!) to have received the distinguished 2009 eBay Star Developer Award, presented to us today at the 8th annual eBay & PayPal Developers Conference, hosted this year at the eBay Campus in San Jose, CA. Granted in the category 'Service to the Developer Community', the Award recognizes our active presence and dedicated community participation in eBay's Developer forums over the past year.

eBay solicits nominations for the award from the developer community itself, stating, "Developers and their applications are eligible to be nominated if they build apps using the eBay API platform and if they have represented the very best of the eBay developer community over the past year in one of our nomination categories".
You can read the full press release here. Now on Twitter
Posted: 12-Jun-2009
Follow Us on Twitter! We're happy to admit that we finally joined the 21st century and opened a Twitter account. Follow us! We'll keep you posted on interesting, funny, or odd eBay finds that turn up — that many others are watching for good reason. We may also slip in some occasional site news and other happenings... Rest assured that, like our newsletter, our tweets ought to be infrequent; so please take a moment to jump aboard and follow us! (Thanks for your support.)
The Savvy Seller Speaks with
Posted: 09-Jun-2009
The Savvy Seller Marlene Gavens, aka The Savvy Seller, spoke with us today on her podcast, Tips From the Top, to talk about and what it can offer eBay sellers.

Marlene is an eBay Certified Education Specialist — one of only 32 on the planet — and teaches, coaches, and consults with eBay sellers of all skill levels and sizes. We were happy to have been offered this opportunity to speak with her and her audience, live on Talkshoe (you can click here to listen or download the show).
--Jake Newsletter Issue #004
Posted: 09-Jun-2009
We've just published Newsletter Issue #004 (June 2009). You'll soon be able to find it in the newsletter archive, but why not sign up for your own privately delivered copy?
Advanced Search Now Displays Item Type
Posted: 31-May-2009
We've just completed the addition of a small, new feature to our Advanced Search page. Search results there will now display the item type, such as Auction Format or Fixed-Price. With this extra information at hand, you can better assess the value of the items you're finding.
Inclusion in Best of the Web
Posted: 16-May-2009
Best of the Web Best of the Web, the world's oldest web directory, has approved our application to be included in their index (which we're very grateful for). According to BotW, "To rank among the Best of the Web, a site must adhere to the strict criteria of editors who ensure that it contains substantive unique content, navigates in a user-friendly manner, contains no broken links or pictures, is up and running 24/7, and conforms to universally accepted web standards." Fantastic!
Dynamic Watch Link Improvements
Posted: 13-May-2009
We've just finished making some minor graphical adjustments to the Dynamic Watch This Item Link (DWTIL) that is coupled with the Widget. We cleaned up some of the visual "rough edges" for a cleaner, bolder feel. The intention of the Dynamic Watch Link is to increase the chances that shoppers will add your item to their Watch Lists, getting them even closer to it as eBay promotes the item to them via email. Hopefully the tighter look we gave it will entice more clicks. This change immediately went into effect for all current and future Widgets in eBay listings.
If you'd like to use the former DWTIL graphic, or provide your own (or remove it all together), a super-easy tweak in the HTML is all that's necessary. Just drop us a line and we'd be happy to lend you a hand, or take care of it for you. We also may be able to design a custom Dynamic Watch Link image to suit your particular needs (for free).
Thanks for using the Widget (and Dynamic Watch Link) in your eBay listings!
Radio Broadcast: PowerSellingMom, Inc. and
Posted: 21-Mar-2009 | Revised: 25-Apr-2009 Do you know PowerSellingMom? She is none other than Danna Crawford, long-time eBay advocate, seller, and self-proclaimed "eBay cheerleader". Selling on eBay since 1997, she's simultaneously worn many hats: eBay... PowerSeller, Education Specialist, Giving Works activist, Trading Assistant, and Groups Leader. She's also an eBook author/publisher and prolific Reviews & Guides reviewer. Most impressive is that she received the prestigious 2008 eBay Hall of Fame Award. Nice! Radio Show with Danna kindly invited us to sit down with her on her Blog Talk Radio talk show to chat about the Widget and what it can do for eBay sellers. Tune in live on 24-Apr-2009 @ 8:00pm EDT, or download the show to your iPod (or grab it from iTunes) to listen at your convenience.

Update: We had a fantastic show this evening, maxing out our allotted 1-hour time slot. We of course spoke at length about the Widget, but we also touched upon social networking, some eBay history, and a few alternative business models employed by eBay sellers.
Required: Confirm Your Newsletter Subscription
Posted: 19-Mar-2009
Please keep a lookout for a short but important email arriving from us soon. You'll need to click on the enclosed activation link to confirm and maintain your subscription to the Newsletter, otherwise we'll lose you (which we'd prefer not to do).
Why? We're upgrading to a new email service provider, and they need to be certain that everyone getting our newsletter is a genuine subscriber. A simple click on the confirmation link is all that's needed to stay on board. (Abstaining from clicking the link is all that's needed to drop your subscription.)
Thanks for keeping an eye out for that email and taking a few seconds to confirm your subscription — you'll only need to do this once.
We look forward to keeping you in the loop on news!
(Can't find your confirmation email? Not yet signed up for the Newsletter? Please subscribe here.)
--Jake Newsletter Issue #003
Posted: 18-Mar-2009
We've just published Newsletter Issue #003 (March 2009). You'll soon be able to find it in the newsletter archive, but why not sign up for your own privately delivered copy?
Google Social: Share Your Ideas/Comments With Other Visitors
Posted: 11-Mar-2009
As you may have noticed, this past weekend we spiced up with some social features to enable easy and simple interaction between visitors. The features are casual (and free) and are provided and powered by new Google technology. Under the umbrella term "Google Friend Connect" (GFC), you can now:
  • Post and read comments on our Comment Wall to share your experiences with others who use our site. (Share quick tips, ask questions, and see what other items people are turning up in their searches.)
  • Optionally make your profile/avatar available to curious members, online friends in your network, and others.
Best of all, it only takes a few seconds to join since you'll login with an account that you already have: Google, AIM, Yahoo!, or OpenID. (You'll be logging in on their secure website, not ours, so we never get your login credentials; nor will you be added to any mailing lists.) No need to create, note and remember yet another login/password pair!
As GFC grows in popularity you'll see it on more and more websites — and your login, profile, and friend network will travel along with you. Since Google only recently rolled it out to the public, there may be a few quirks or bugs, depending on your browser. (Will you please take a moment to let us know?)
Give it a try, then post your thoughts on the Comment Wall. At-a-glance comments and site updates are also currently viewable in the footer of our homepage to make it easier to see — and respond to — the latest site chatter.
Widget Enhancements Now Live
Posted: 07-Mar-2009
The Widget enhancements detailed in our earlier announcement are now live. (We'll be updating our documentation here on the site in the coming weeks.)
Upcoming Widget Enhancements
Posted: 01-Mar-2009
We've been working hard lately on some "under the hood" improvements to the Widget. These changes will make the Widget more robust and transcend several of the limitations endured by the current Widget. Here are the main enhancements we'll be rolling out shortly:
  • The Widget will work for all listing types (Fixed Price, Stores/Shops, Classified Ad, etc.) instead of just being primarily for Auction Format listings.
  • The current Watch Count will show itself immediately upon the launch of the listing (or whenever you append the Widget to the listing), instead of hiding until the first bid or similar "popularity threshold". Depending on your item and current Watch Count, this may even help incite that first bid. (You can of course still opt to hide the Widget for low Watch Counts with a simple HTML tweak.) Quick tip: Don't forget — you can add yourself as a watcher of your own listing, too!
  • When registered eBay users click a Watch Link anywhere on your listing page to add the item to their watch lists, the Watch Count in the Widget will now update immediately. (You can see this effect right now, here in a live eBay listing.)
We'll be deploying these changes on 07-Mar-2009 for all current and future Widgets. This will happen automatically without any required HTML code changes or other effort on your part — so put away your credit card, sit back, and just allow these quiet updates to kick-in then.
If you happen to find these enhancements particularly appealing, we'd be happy to enable them for your eBay seller ID in advance of the public rollout. Please contact us for more information on that.
Thanks for using the Widget! Newsletter Issue #002
Posted: 25-Feb-2009
We've just published Newsletter Issue #002 (February 2009). You'll soon be able to find it in the newsletter archive, but why not sign up to get our low-volume mailing conveniently sent directly to your inbox?
More International eBay Sites
Posted: 07-Feb-2009
We're in the process of adding more international eBay country-sites to We'd heard from a number of visitors seeking to be able to search eBay France, so has been added to our site. A few others requested support for eBay Ireland, so that's in queue to go live here within the next week or so. Stay tuned for Spain and Italy to follow as well.
Again, we'd like to apologize that the base language of will still remain in English for the foreseeable future (sorry). Of course, search results (listing title and currency) for whichever eBay country-site you have selected will be natural, live, and localized for the proper country.
If you're an eBay shopper of one of these newly supported countries, you now have access to Watch Count data and popular item rankings to help you comparison shop and better frame your buying activities. Sellers like to use our Advanced Search features to do quick market research and can now (or very soon) access live eBay data for these additional countries. Moreover, the Widget will also work for item listings sourced from, or displayed on, these additional eBay country-sites.
If you have any questions about this — or anything else on our site — please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Thanks for using!
Widget Update: Typeface Adjustments
Posted: 02-Feb-2009
We've finished with some tweaking of the typefaces within the Widget. In addition to the Widget now having a cleaner feel to it, many of the characters in the informational message ("eBay users are watching...") are less likely to bleed into each other, making things appear that much crisper. These changes took effect immediately for all current/live and future Widgets.
One possible concern a few sellers might have is if they customize the Widget's informational message with a long sentence — since the character spacing is wider than before, it's possible the last word of the message may get dropped if the Watch Count grows large enough.
You can always use Widget Demo Mode to test your Widget with different Watch Counts and other customizations before dropping the HTML code into your listing(s). Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have; our door is always open.
--Jake Newsletter Issue #001
Posted: 28-Jan-2009
We've just published Newsletter Issue #001 (January 2009). You can read it online, but be sure to sign up to get our low-volume mailing conveniently sent directly to your inbox. => New Server
Posted: 22-Jan-2009
We've just finished migrating to a newer/better/bigger/faster/pricier server to keep up with increasing demand. If you're one of our regular visitors, you ought to notice a tangible increase in site speed (yay!) as well as more search results when searching from our home page. (You can continue to display up to 100 search results using our Advanced Search page.)
New Feature: Sale Count
Posted: 16-Jan-2009
When you run searches on, some of the search results will be Fixed-Price eBay listings where bidding doesn't take place. Instead of showing a Bid Count for those items, we're now showing the Sale Count — how many previous sales have been completed for that particular item. You can eyeball this figure alongside the Watch Count and other data we show to help gauge item popularity. (This feature is only available when you run keyword or category searches, not "all-across-eBay" searches.)
As always, please let us know of features you're eager to see appear on, and we'll do our best to comply.
Again, thanks for using!
Widget Issue
Posted: 15-Jan-2009 | Revised: 15-Jan-2009
We're currently experiencing a problem with the Widget: the Widget is absent from eBay listing pages, only appearing as a broken image placeholder. We're working diligently with our web host to resolve the issue and apologize for the inconvenience. (The Dynamic Watch This Item Link component continues to function properly.)
Update 1: We've implemented a temporary workaround on the issue while the full problem gets corrected: the Widget should now be graciously hidden instead of (not) appearing as a broken image placeholder. Stay tuned for more information and complete resolution...
Update 2: Problem resolved. All Widgets should now display as usual in listings where they'd normally appear. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your patience.
Welcome the Newsletter
Posted: 22-Dec-2008
We've just launched the Newsletter — a low volume mailing list that'll make it easier for us to keep you up-to-date on happenings: site enhancements, new features, secret tips, and other WCC news. Signing up is easy: just click here, enter your email address, click a button, and you're golden. We promise not to spam you or otherwise disrespect your privacy. (You can read more about such matters in our just-revised Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.)
Welcome aboard!
We've Landed a Spot (or 2) in The Auction Software Review
Posted: 18-Dec-2008
The Auction Software Review The prestigious Auction Software Review just added us to their directory of 3rd-party eBay software applications. If you Google "eBay software" or "auction software" you ought to see them listed on page 1 of the search results — if not the #1 spot, as I'm seeing right now.
Naturally, with that kind of distinction we're happy to have been offered a pair of product listings on their site.
--Jake is Awarded Silver Award
Posted: 15-Dec-2008 Silver Award If you Google "web awards", you'll likely see there on page 1 as one of the top/long-standing website evaluation and award entities. We're pleased to have been awarded their Silver Award, for December 2008, in recognition of "clean and organized design, user friendliness, quality content, and informative information for your visitors". (Thanks for noticing!) was put through the wringer on several dozen scoring points, landing us on top with a Silver Award. (Hmmm, maybe we would have grabbed the Gold Award had we some fancy Flash animations.)
We've Partnered with eCommerce Merchants
Posted: 03-Dec-2008
eCommerce Merchants We're pleased to announce a new partnership between and eCommerce Merchants Trade Association. Working closely with PeSA, the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance, eCommerce Merchants provides best practices guidance, technology & infrastructure advice and sourcing & supplies solutions to online merchants around the world who use the internet to sell or promote products and services, both on eBay and off. As a new sponsoring partner, we're happy to be able to offer our services to their members. You can read the full press release here.
Today We're Featured as "Cool Site of the Day"
Posted: 02-Dec-2008 is 'Cool Site of the Day' for 02-Dec-2008 We're honored to have been selected as the Cool Site of the Day today, by the site with that very same name. They've been featuring cool sites daily since mid-1994, with an avid, worldwide audience. So, of all the nominations that clutter their inbox daily, we're flattered to have stood out amidst the plethora of submissions.

If you like, please take a quick moment to click on over to CSotD and rate us (hopefully highly). After today you won't be able to vote, but you'll see us in the Cool Site of the Day Still Cool Archive.
Thanks for visiting (and thanks for your vote!).
5 More eBay Country-Sites Added
Posted: 22-Nov-2008
This week we expanded our support for some additional international eBay sites. Just added: India, Singapore, Belgium (Nederlands and Français), and Germany. As usual, select your preferred country from the menu bar pick-list, or via one of the shortcuts found elsewhere on the site. These added countries also allow more sellers abroad to use our Widget in their eBay listings, and our Advanced Search page is affected accordingly as well.
We regret that it'll be a while before we upgrade with language packs such that the entire site renders in your local language. (Sorry.) In the meantime, however, rest assured that our search results are genuine, direct from the corresponding international eBay site.
More eBay country-sites will be added in due time. If you'd like support for your eBay country-site to be added sooner rather than later, please do drop us an email and we'll see what we can do.
One more improvement we just implemented along the way: the site will remember which country you selected on your previous/return visit and will thus make it that much quicker to get the search results you came to us for. (Sorry that it took us a little while to get that together. I know several of our regular visitors will feel relieved to have this small-but-helpful feature in place.)
Thanks for visiting!
--Jake Terms of Service Released
Posted: 05-Nov-2008 | Revised: 11-Nov-2008
We've posted our Terms of Service (‹‹ click to read) that all visitors agree to abide by when using our site and services.
New Search Features Added with Advanced Search
Posted: 16-Oct-2008
We've taken some of the most requested new features for our site and collected them together on our new Advanced Search page.
This year we'd gotten a number of requests to allow deep searches, and you can now do just that: you can see the most watched items in a specific eBay category, such as Musical Instruments > Guitar > Electric > Gibson. As usual, you can combine such searches with keywords, and you'll see Watch Counts for all such search results, as you've come to expect here on
The most requested new feature was more search results, so we've added that within Advanced Search as well. You can now pull up the 40, 60, or even 100 most watched/popular items for your specified category or keyword query. Sweet.
Moreover, you can also search multiple categories at once, and even exclude categories, such as if you wanted to see the most popular Harry Potter items outside of the Books category.
If you're an eBay seller or service provider and occasionally come across an eBay category number in your notes but forget what it is, you can quicly look it up on our Advanced Search page by dropping it into the Included Categories box.
Are we as good as, or even better than, the Most Watched section of eBay's Pulse page? Maybe, maybe not, depending on your criteria. But either way, we hope you'll find these new features helpful, whether you're shopping on eBay or doing market research.
As always, our door is open if you have any questions, discover any bugs, or have any comments to share.
Widget Update: Minor Text Change
Posted: 10-Oct-2008
We've just made a small textual (and coloring) change to the Widget: We've revised the default informational text from "eBayers" to "eBay users". (Not everyone knows what an eBayer is!) This went into effect for all current/live and new Widgets.
As always, if you like you can modify the informational text to say almost anything. Simply follow our customization instructions. If that's too much HTML to swallow at one sitting, feel free to shoot us an email and we can whip up the customized HTML snippit for you.
Most Watched eBay/Pulse Items, Sitewise
Posted: 02-Sep-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
At long last... I'm excited that we've just added a new feature to our site. Until now, to see most watched/popular eBay items you needed to specify a keyword phrase or category on our search page.
No longer.
Simply by omitting any keywords phrase and category selection, you can now see the most watched items across an entire eBay site! The results are nearly identical to eBay Pulse, so you can get Watch Count data easily for those top-level Pulse items you've been curious about, and the few runners-up that don't quite make the cut onto Pulse but are still heavily watched.
This feature works for each of the eBay international sites we currently support. Note that eBay considers its US Motors site distinctly separate from the main site, so most-watched for won't take into consideration any super-popular cars and trucks. (By contrast, other eBay countries' vehicle items are included within their respective sites, so you'll often see some at the top of that country's most watched list in our search results.) If you want to see the most popular eBay Motors (US) items, just select the "Motors" category while in the eBay US mode of our site.
Automatic "Watch This Item" Links for eBay Sellers
Posted: 28-Jul-2008 | Revised: 02-Feb-2009
We just finished adding another free tool to the Dynamic Watch This Item Link. I know it'll save a bunch of sellers a bunch of time.
As you may know, encouraging shoppers to add your item to their Watch Lists can bring them that much closer to the item: they're reminded of the item in their My eBay page; eBay emails them just before the listing ends; if the item is relisted, eBay sends another email. (There's even some speculation, and perhaps evidence, that a higher Watch Count can improve your item's placement in Best Match search results.) Can't hurt, right?
If you're seeing under 20 watchers on your item but getting no bids, you've probably learned the hard lesson that "watchers doesn't equal buyers" — at least in that under-two-dozen range. Once you break past 20-30 watchers it becomes much more likely that you'll be getting at least that first bid, probably more. Can getting more watchers lead to more bids? Maybe.
To encourage watchers, as a seller you may already be manually adding Watch Links to your listings. You know how cumbersome it is to have to revise the listing immediately after posting, else your custom Watch Link with flashy graphic or in-your-face font size won't actually do any good.
That's where our Dynamic Watch This Item Link comes in... It's a standard 1-shot URL you drop into any or all of your listings instead of a manually built Watch Link, and you don't need to revise the listing to complete the link. Pretty cool, eh? It dynamically detects your item and eBay country-site and forwards your visitor through a properly-built Watch Link when they click the link.
Additionally, you can customize the Dynamic WTI Link. For your purposes it's really just an HTML anchor tag that you'd flank around any text or image of your choosing (behind it is some clever software we wrote to do the magic :) .
If you're using our free Widget, you'll see the Link comes alongside it by default, adding a miniature "double-punch" to your marketing efforts for that listing.
--Jake Widget
Dynamic Watch This Item Link
Widget Update: Glass => Silver
Posted: 24-Jul-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
We'll soon be changing the standard Widget skin from its current look to a new skin. This change will go into effect automatically on Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 9:00 am PDT (eBay Time) and will affect all current/live Widgets in place on eBay pages, as well as new Widgets going forward. Exception: if you've customized your Widget to designate a certain skin, you'll continue to display your specified choice — the Widgets in your listings won't change their appearance when the general cutover happens.
If you're like most sellers who use our Widget, you won't need to make any adjustments anywhere or worry about anything; just sit back and enjoy a sleeker look. :-)

old default skin: "glass" Widget Example - glass
new default skin: "silver" Widget Example - silver

I think this new skin has a cleaner, brighter feel to it that hopefully will be embraced more easily by both sellers and buyers. Of course if you'd prefer the old skin, or any of our other ones, please check out our selection of skins and apply your choice in your own Widget. You can even get in contact with us if you're interested in getting a custom skin.
Widget Update: New Skin Added — Silver
Posted: 10-Jul-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
We've just added a new skin, "silver", to our array of skins. If you're already customizing your Widget, you can start using it right away as an alternative to the default skin. (If you haven't customized your Widget, it's easy. Instructions are here.)
--Jake Widget - Silver Skin Widget for eBay Sellers
Posted: 29-Jun-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
I'm really excited about a new add-on widget to our site that enables eBay sellers to display their item's Watch Count within the body of the listing(s). It's pretty cool: you just slap a simple piece of our HTML code (no Javascript, no Flash, no hassle) into your listing and when the page is viewed, the item's current Watch Count is shown (with some minor caveats). Widget

While some sellers prefer to keep their items' Watch Counts hidden or below the radar, we know that other sellers feel that the display of a potent Watch Count value can possibly entice shopper interest and activity. Our Widget enables that figure to be exhibited publicly.
A Watch Count can be a measure of item popularity, not unlike user voting/flagging systems at social media sites (, for example). A brief comparison of 3 eBay item popularity metrics is on our Widget FAQ.
There are customization options for the Widget, such as the ability to have the Widget automatically hide itself for low Watch Counts, or additional skins to use.
It's all laid out, including the short HTML snippit to grab to implement the Widget, here.
--Jake [Canada (English)] and [Australia] Added to
Posted: 07-Jun-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
We're happy to announce that we've added 2 more countries to our growing list of supported international eBay sites. Visitors interested in researching popular items in eBay Canada (English) and eBay Australia can now do so here on our site.
--Jake Goes International
Posted: 02-Jun-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
At long last we've finally upgraded the software behind to handle international eBay sites. Now that that's taken care of we can begin to roll out international support country-by-country. This means that visitors can see the most popular eBay items (and their Watch Counts) at eBay sites 'round the planet — not just on eBay US.
Our first international eBay site is eBay UK. (Currently, most of our non-US visitors come from the UK, so we tackled that one first.) You can now see what items are ranked as most popular by eBay users on . Cool.
Keep an eye on the site/country selector pick-list for availability of more international eBay sites to come. And if you have a preferred eBay site you'd like to see included sooner rather than later, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.
And as always, if you come across any bugs, please give us a holler. Thanks!
--Jake Out of Beta, Finally
Posted: 30-Mar-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
We think we've got all the kinks worked out of for now, so it's time to pull out of beta mode and consider ourselves fully live. (Jeez, did you realize that Google's Gmail is still in beta?!)
There could still be a bug or two hidden in the corner, so if anything seems out of place, please do let us know.
Of course, there are several more features we'll be adding in the coming months, so stay tuned.
eBay Motors: Most Watched/Popular Cars, Trucks, Boats,...
Posted: 18-Feb-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
We've just finished adding and testing a new feature on : You can now search within the top-level eBay US Motors categories! Would you like to see the most watched car or truck on eBay? The most popular motorcycle? Now you can. And of course you can search with much greater detail by using the Keywords field as well, as usual.
You'll find these new eBay Motors categories (well, new for us) nestled within the category list on the home page. What we've noticed is that these highly watched items accumulate many more watchers than most other eBay categories (check it out here); people seem to get pretty pumped up about buying vehicles on eBay! (Who would've thought?!)
Is it a faux pas to raise a toast to oneself?
Posted: 29-Jan-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
eBay Compatible Application logo We're happy to report that a few days ago the good folks at eBay just gave us the nod by deeming an 'eBay Compatible Application' after we passed their compatibility testing requirements. Our web application is now officially certified for use with the eBay Platform, and we've earned the right to display the eBay Compatible Application logo on our site. Yay!
Beta Launch! Blog Launch!
Posted: 21-Jan-2008 | Revised: 05-Oct-2008
Ok, here we are on the new official blog [edit: now converted to this News page]. Sweet.
I'm Jake, your host, and here's what, just launched in beta this week, does:
At our site, you select (keywords and/or a general category) what you want to see on eBay and we'll show you the most popular items on eBay for your query at that very moment. Popularity is determined ultimately by eBay, but the items' Watch Counts are the primary factor — how many eBay users have clicked "Watch This Item" for that auction listing. We also show you the actual Watch Counts themselves, a metric currently unavailable on eBay. (Yes, it's all free.)
Whether you're an eBay buyer or seller, there are a number of reasons why the Watch Count / popularity information may prove helpful — see our FAQ for some examples.
We hope you enjoy the helpfulness and utility of our site.
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