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What is an IE Accelerator?
If you use a recent version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE version 8.0 or above) to browse the web, you can use a feature called an IE Accelerator to simplify your browsing experience. IE Accelerator Tasks such as mapping an address or translating a phrase used to require a laborious sequence of keying and clicks as you stumbled through copy-pasting words, opening a new browser window/tab, locating the new destination website, cursor placement, word pasting, clicking Go, etc.
With IE Accelerators, these common-but-cumbersome tasks are often now reduced to just a couple quick clicks of a mouse and no more.
What is the IE Accelerator?
Our IE Accelerator makes it easy to call up Most Watched/Popular eBay items directly from wherever on the web you may already be, using the simple few-click process employed by the Accelerator feature. This free add-on installs into your browser and is available for use in mere seconds.
To install the IE Accelerator, just make sure you're viewing this page in IE version 8.0 or higher (and haven't disabled Javascript). Then click the button below and confirm the quick installation of our Accelerator. (For even faster access, be sure to check the box Make this my default provider for this Category.) ...Voila!

How do I use the IE Accelerator?
It's simple! When you come across mention of an interesting item on any website, just select the phrase of the item you're interested in. See the example screenshot below of selecting the text "grilled cheese" to identify Most Popular items on eBay with that term in the title. IE Accelerator
Then, either click the blue icon that appears (or simply right-click the selection) and the pop-up menu will list our Accelerator as "Search". Simply click it and you'll be taken to to see the Most Popular/Watched such items on eBay in real-time! (Yes, it's that easy.)
So, aren't you now curious what kinds of 'grilled cheese' items are currently being sold on eBay?
How can the IE Accelerator help me?
If you're a regular eBay shopper, such as a collector or enthusiast of a certain kind of item, our IE Accelerator makes it easy to call up the top-voted such items on eBay, showcased for you on, anytime you're browsing the web and come across an interesting citation of that kind of item.
Whether you regularly read about Mustangs, the latest iPod accessories, Reborn dolls, or Buffalo nickels, with just a couple clicks you can now see the ones voted on by registered eBay users as most interesting.
(You may also be interested in easily adding to your browser as an additional/optional search provider, so that you can use your browser's search box up top to identify Most Watched/Popular eBay items via our site.)
I have a problem or question about this free service.
Feel free to email us about it, as we're always happy to hear from our visitors and will be glad to lend a hand! :-) Newsletter ad

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