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Dynamic Watch This Item Link

Notice (2019-Jan) : The Dynamic WTI Link tool will permanently cease functioning sometime in 2019, as early as March. (It's being retired for a variety of reasons, including near-zero usage.)

What is an eBay Watch Link?
eBay allows visitors to keep a close eye on a specific listing by bookmarking the item onto the Watch List in the user's My eBay page. eBay Watch Link This occurs when the visitor clicks on one of eBay's provided "Watch This Item" (WTI) links/buttons located on every item description page. When this happens, eBay sends an email reminder to the user before the listing ends and if the item is relisted. On the whole, this "watch system" benefits all by keeping users in closer touch with items they're interested in. Moreover, each watcher acts as a "vote" amongst the eBay community for how popular an item is.
eBay Watch Link Some sellers find it advantageous to go a step further and get/build their own "inline" Watch Links and strategically place them within the body of the item description to make the links easier to see — and more likely to be clicked. Usually such links need to be built manually, one at a time, and require the seller to revise each listing by hand to complete placement of the Watch Link.

What is the Dynamic Watch This Item (WTI) Link?
Our Dynamic WTI Link emulates an eBay-provided Watch Link for your specific listing and eBay site. You'd place it into your eBay listings, and unlike a manually-built Watch Link, it doesn't require any editing after the fact since it has 1 fixed URL and automatically acts as a Watch Link for whatever eBay listing and eBay country-site you use it for. When a visitors clicks on it, your item will be added to their eBay Watch List as usual. Simple and easy (and free).
You can see an example of live Dynamic WTI Links in action here in this eBay listing.
Here's the HTML code for our Dynamic WTI Link — just copy-paste it into your auctions or your listing template, and you're set. You can also tweak the HTML code with different informative/anchor text, or add an image for even greater user enticement. (Note that the Link will only function properly once it's been placed into a live eBay listing.)
(Also... If you begin using our DWTIL, we highly encourage you to join our low-volume mailing list so we have a way to notify you of important changes to the DWTIL.)

HTML Code for the Dynamic WTI Link:

Note: When you paste the above HTML code into your listings, make sure that you are using the HTML view in the eBay Sell Your Item form.
Also note that the code above includes a very basic, unformatted call to action: "Click here to watch this item". For maximum benefit, you are encouraged to replace it with your own formatted text or image. (Please remember to be clear to your visitors about what the link does.)

Why else would I want to use the Dynamic WTI Link?
There are some other advantages to using the Dynamic WTI Link in addition to it saving you from the burden of constantly revising your listings.
Your listings can appear as replicated pages on eBay international sites, and their proper Watch Links are likely different from the manual ones you may have built into the listings. The Dynamic WTI Link adjusts itself to the proper eBay country-site for each viewer automatically.
Also, since our Dynamic WTI Link is "plain HTML" it probably wouldn't be affected if eBay began banning custom Javascript widgets and other active content within listings, as they almost came to do in 2009 before suspending the ban for the time being.
You might also find it helpful to know that there's speculation, and perhaps some evidence, that items with higher Watch Counts rank more favorably in Best Match sorted search results, all else being equal. This suggests that if you accumulate more watchers you'd be rewarded with greater exposure. The Dynamic WTI Link makes it easy to solicit watchers within your very listings.
And if you're going to include our Dynamic WTI Link in your auctions, you might consider using our free Widget instead — it flaunts your item's Watch Count to increase perceived value, and includes a colorful Dynamic WTI Link to boot.

I have more questions about the Dynamic WTI Link.
Good, we have more answers. Have a peek at our Dynamic WTI Link FAQ page.

Note that your use of the Dynamic Watch This Item Link constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service. Newsletter ad

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