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Dynamic WTI Link FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (Dynamic WTI Link)

(Get basic info about the Dynamic Watch This Item Link by clicking here.)

How do I know the Dynamic WTI Link works?
You can easily test the functionality of the Dynamic WTI Link by clicking on the link within a live eBay listing, then verifying that the item was added to the Watch List on your My eBay page. (If it didn't work, please take a moment let us know.)

You can also verify that our Link works for eBay Guests by doing the following before testing the Link: logout of eBay; clear your browser's cookies; close all browser windows. (Now open your browser and test the Dynamic WTI Link.)

Note that just as with clicking eBay-provided Watch Links, the newly refreshed item listing page may still say in the detail or header sections "Watch This Item in My eBay" even after you've already clicked accordingly.

Does the Dynamic WTI Link always work — and for all eBay international sites?
Pretty much so, but admittedly not always. We estimate that it functions as you'd expect at least 97% of the time. For some visitors to your listings (who browse the web with unusually high security settings, disabling many native browser functions) the Link can't detect which item page it's been placed on. In that infrequent case, if the user clicks the Link they'll get polite instructions to click on an eBay-provided Watch Link instead.

eBay has over 2 dozen international eBay country-sites. While we haven't tested the Link with all of them, we feel pretty confident that it should work on each of them. If it doesn't work on your eBay site, please let us know.

Can the Dynamic WTI Link be used to add watchers to a different eBay listing?
No, not from locations outside of the second listing itself. The Link only works for the eBay listing into which it is placed. If you'd like to solicit watchers for another item, just copy the same Link code into that new item listing; no HTML code modification is necessary.

In other words... A Dynamic WTI Link placed into listing #123456789 will only add watchers for that listing. Copying the identical Link HTML code into listing #987654321 will add watchers only for #987654321.

Can the Dynamic WTI Link add watchers to a listing without being clicked on?
No. The Link must be clicked on by the visitor for the item to be added to their eBay Watch List.

Why does one sometimes get an eBay Login Page after clicking on the Dynamic WTI Link?
Sometimes when you click on our Dynamic WTI Link you get an eBay Login page. (This also sometimes happens when you click on an eBay-provided Watch Link.) This happens when eBay doesn't completely recognize who you are and needs to verify your identify before adding the item to your Watch List. Getting the eBay Login page can happen if you happened to close your browser window since last logging in to eBay.

Rest assured that we are not phishing for your visitors' personal eBay login credentials. The eBay Login page you get is a genuine eBay page that includes https://signin.ebay. (with a domain suffix, such as ".com", appropriate to your eBay country-site) in the address bar of your browser, along with a browser lock/key icon to designate SSL security. Just as eBay insists, we also recommend you always make sure such indicators are present in your browser before entering your eBay login credentials.

Is using one's own Watch Links in a listing within eBay policy?
We're not completely sure, frankly. eBay doesn't seem to have a policy either permitting or prohibiting the practice of building Watch Links, and we've never had any of our listings removed for including seller-provided Watch Links, whether manually built, or our Dynamic Watch This Item Link.

While we're working on getting a clear answer from eBay about whether such links are ok, it's our understanding that the seller community generally regards doing so as acceptable, provided that you inform the visitor what will happen when they click the link. If you say something as simple as "Click here to watch this item" you're probably just fine in eBay's eyes. Newsletter ad

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