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The Most Popular ____ on eBay Right Now

See the most watched/popular eBay items at this very moment, as voted by eBay users like yourself. eBay continuously tracks votes (when users click "Watch This Item") and we report the results.
eBay Most Watched Car?
We go a step further than eBay Pulse, showing you popular items based on your search terms/categories — and how many watchers.
Whether you're a collector cruising around eBay eager to know what items others are keeping tabs on, or just someone who's curious what items have attracted the most number of interested eyeballs, you can see what's smokin' hot (or not) on eBay right now — for the exact kind of item you're seeking.
eBay Sellers: You can also lookup Watch Counts of many eBay items and see how your own products stack up against that of your competition.

eBay Daily Deals

eBay Daily Deals Each day, eBay showcases a small collection of specially arranged, heavily discounted items. The eBay Daily Deal always offers hot merchandise with free shipping, in Fixed-Price format, from hand-picked top eBay sellers. Because of the depth of the markdown, quantities are very limited, and the items often sellout within hours of going live.
We're pleased to be able to feature the eBay Daily Deals, live on our site.

Power Search

Dig deeper into live eBay data on our Advanced Search page. We equip you with unique item search capabilities you won't find on eBay itself.
You can display many more most-watched/popular search results than with our Basic Search. Moreover, you're able to drill down into specific categories, specify multiple categories to search — and even exclude chosen categories. Most eBay country-sites are supported (with more on the way).
Start playing with some extra power right now!

Find Misspelled eBay Auctions

eBay Misspelled Items Search Example

Sometimes eBay sellers goof when they list their auctions: they accidentally misspell the titles! Subsequently, their mistyped auctions don't appear in regular eBay search results, so most shoppers won't be able to find them.

Our eBay misspellings search feature easily finds these "hidden" eBay auctions that are misspelled and thus may have fewer bids on them – which could also mean a lower sale price.

Anytime you're about to search eBay for something, consider visiting our misspellings search page and trying your search there first. It only takes a few seconds, and you may just score yourself a good deal.

Tools for eBay Sellers

Your WordPress Blog

The WatchCount.com WordPress Plugin (WCCWPPI) is a free tool that allows you to display eBay items and auctions directly on your blog. While you can use the plugin's default settings to showcase Most Popular / Watched eBay items (as WatchCount.com does), WordPressyou can also have it display a seller's items, or any particular eBay listing you'd like — such as if you're an eBay seller blogging about your products. This is easily done simply by embedding the listing number within your blog post as you type. You can have such eBay items displayed within your post or as a sidebar widget. (If you have an ePN account, you can also potentially earn commissions through using the WCCWPPI.)

Stimulate Buyer Interest

WatchCount.com Widget
Our free Widget automatically flaunts your auction's current Watch Count (how many eBay users actively click "Watch This Item") to your visitors. With copy-and-paste ease you can entice bidding by revealing your item's "eBay Community Vote" right within your listing, to increase its perceived value.
The Widget comes complete with loads of negatives: no cost, no upsells, no signups, no registration, no downloads, and no hassle!
Click here to get the full scoop, HTML code, and optional skins n' customizations.

Encourage More Watchers

Add our Dynamic Watch This Item Link to your listings to encourage more watchers. eBay Watch This Item Link Just cut and paste it into your listings or standard template (optionally add/change link text or images) to give your visitors another opportunity to add your item to their eBay Watch List.
As you may know, encouraging shoppers to add your item to their Watch Lists can bring them that much closer to the item: they're reminded of the item in their My eBay page; eBay emails them just before the listing ends; if the item is relisted, eBay sends another email.
While eBay provides one or two Watch Links at the top and/or bottom of most listings, strategically placing additional ones within the item description can also help increase your item's Watch Count (which has several ensuing advantages in itself).
Our Dynamic Watch This Item Link is easy to use and doesn't require revising your item listing to function properly, unlike common manually-built Watch Links.
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