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Tutorial: Completed eBay Best Offer Sold Prices

How to See the Best Offer Sell Price on
Completed eBay Items/Listings

Tips on Using More Effectively
TL;DR ("too long; didn't read") – We can often show you the final Best Offer sold-for price for a completed eBay listing. Just copy the eBay listing number and paste it into our home page's "Keywords" box. Even better, simply use our Sold Items & Completed Listings tool and see Best Offer sold-for prices directly within search results.

What Is It?

On eBay, you may occasionally come across an already-completed item that sold via Best Offer. You wonder: how much was the final selling price? Sometimes eBay shows you, and sometimes it doesn't. If the BIN asking price appears with a strike-through, or an unspecified "price" seems to be shown, and you're itchin' to know what the final price was, just follow our instructions below.

Most eBayers probably won't care about this one way or the other. But maybe you're an eBay buyer trying to get a feel for what to offer another seller of a similar item. Or perhaps you're an eBay seller seeking to assess the asking price of something you're about to list for sale. Either way, read on...

eBay Item Lookup

First you'll need to copy the eBay item's number from the eBay listing page. It's a 10-12 digit number buried within the eBay item's URL (web address). It should also appear in fine print off to the right side of the eBay view item page, mid-way down within or near the item description area.

On many computers, you can just highlight the number then hit Control-C on your keyboard to copy it into memory (or Copy from your browser's Edit menu).

Once you have that item number, just head over to the home page. Then paste the item number into the Keywords box you see there. Control-V on your keyboard should paste it, or right-click then Paste (or find Paste in your browser's Edit menu).

Then just hit Enter, or click the Show Me...! button, and you'll activate our eBay Item Lookup feature, which displays various details about the item you're inquiring about.

If the item is a completed listing that ended via Best Offer, usually we'll be able to display the final selling price. Bingo! (...Occasionally we can't display it outright, such as if you exceed our daily searches security threshold, but instead we'll try to link to a special page on eBay that displays it.)

Pretty nifty feature, eh? We think so. And so does Griff, eBay icon and host of eBay Radio, when he and co-host Lee Mirabal interviewed us live about this insightful feature.

Quick Tips

Still need a hand performing this lookup process? Stuart Turnbull kindly made a short YouTube video to illustrate how easy it is to use this search feature.

Once you find yourself using this feature regularly, you may find the following tips and shortcuts helpful:

  • When you find the tiny item number there on the eBay view item page, you can double-click it to quickly highlight it.
  • You can also paste the item number right into your address bar like this:
  • You can copy-paste the entire eBay item URL into our homepage search box instead of just the number. Maybe you'll find that easier than parsing out the item number yourself, since most web browsers allow you to jump to the address bar with a quick hotkey press like Alt-D or Command-L.
  • Our Sold Items & Completed Listings search tool often displays Best Offer sold prices directly within search results. So you usually don't need to take the extra step of a separate item lookup.

Still want to dig deeper with this? Keep reading...

Advanced Tips

You can add into your browser's instant search box/bar, right alongside Google/Bing/Yahoo, and paste the item number there, bringing up the Item Lookup tool automagically.

Also, did you notice...? On the Item Lookup Page where we show the Best Offer sold-for price, there should also be a History link there to show what the earlier declined prices were too! If you buy regularly from a specific seller, this can help with future Best Offer negotiations.

Was more than 1 item sold via Best Offer? (Quantity Sold is also shown on our Item Lookup page.) If so, our sold-for price may only apply to one of the items sold, not necessarily all of them. Just click the History link to see other items' sold prices.

If the selling price appears identical to the asking/BIN price, that could indicate: the item did indeed sell for the asking price; or, the item sold so recently that our system is currently unable to obtain the true selling price; or, there's a quirk in our data feed from eBay. In these cases, just click one of the "on eBay" links to get pricing clarification, or check back later.

Also note that seller-initiated offers to inquiring shoppers are not considered Best Offers by eBay, and the final agreed-upon and paid price may not be displayed on eBay or accessible to our lookup tool.

2018 Update: eBay recently began allowing Best Offer on some auction-style listings. You should be able to see those Best Offer selling prices here by using our Sold Items & Completed Listings search tool and searching keywords from the item's title.

And finally, here's how you can search eBay (almost) directly and see completed Best Offer prices right within eBay search results, bypassing the need to even use the above Item Lookup feature! Here's how...

Start with this link at our eBay Classic/Wildcard tool. It's set to trigger completed listings within eBay's Classic search platform, displaying Best Offer prices inline, like the good ol' days! Just enter a search term, click Generate eBay Search Link, then click the resulting link to eBay. It shows live eBay search results, and any sold items in green display the actual Best Offer selling price.

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