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Article: Mobile Phones on eBay

How to Buy Mobile Phones on eBay UK

From Guest Author, | September 2009
eBay is by far the number one online auction site, populated by hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers on a global scale with everything from toy cars to, well, real cars on offer, and everything in between. It's also many people's first stop when they go hunting for a bargain and picking up items like mobile phones is incredibly popular, especially if you're looking to get the latest model that's not available in the shops. eBay has founded its business on being an incredibly secure way of working online, with customer satisfaction guaranteed by having every customer rate the seller they've bought from, automatically
filtering out any bad apples before they can infect the whole barrel. It's never a completely watertight system, but in general if you pick a seller who's had many good ratings given by previous customers you'll almost always be satisfied. And if you pay using PayPal, the online payment system, you'll have your money protected and confidence when you make online purchases with eBay.

When you're looking at buying mobile phones on eBay there are several other things to look out for on top of the reputation of the seller. The first is of course the quality of the item itself. Often you will be able to buy used phones or reconditioned phones which have been repaired, but if you are, the item should be listed as such. Read all of the small print before you make a bid and make sure that the item advertised matches up with the phone that you're looking for. Some sellers will deal exclusively in mobile phones and may offer guarantees and warranties on new or reconditioned products, which is always sensible to opt for if you're purchasing a mobile phone without actually having seen it in action before.

Second, check the type of listing that the item has been placed under. Some items are straight up auction room style listings, with or without a reserve on the price and you'll have to enter the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for it in order to be in the running. Others can be bought immediately for a fixed price, eliminating the need to bid. This may well be the case with less sought after mobile phones, though the latest models may often be put up for auction to initiate a bidding war and drive the price high, so don't get drawn in for more than you can afford. When you're bidding for a mobile phone and you enter the maximum price you wish to pay that won't automatically be your bid, but eBay will automatically raise the bid to match the other bids offered by competing customers and will never exceed your maximum.

Also be sure to keep an eye on the length of the listing, as some items have a matter of hours left before bidding closes and a winner is chosen and you could put in a late bid to clinch the mobile phone, accessory, or dongles of your choice. Newsletter ad

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