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Article: Technology Gadgets for Xmas 2011

Technology Must Haves for Christmas 2011

From Guest Author, | November 2011
Compiling a Christmas list can be a bit of a nightmare, whether you are planning gifts to buy others or thinking about what you might want yourself. For anyone who is stuck scratching their head, why not look at these top technological must-haves available this Christmas?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

If you or a relative has to own the latest smartphone handset then the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is going to be a real boon. It features a class-leading 4.65 inch Super AMOLED display which is the first of its kind to have a 720p HD resolution as standard. This means high-def content will be in its element on the phone.
A 1.2GHz dual core processor and the Android 4.0 operating system will help make the most of the internet, media files, applications and social networking services and the hardware of the Galaxy Nexus lends itself to multitasking. If you have found the iPhone 4S a little disappointing then the Galaxy Nexus is definitely a suitable introduction to the next generation of mobile gadgetry.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Unlike the classic Kindle eBook reader the new Kindle Fire is not just about turning digital text into an easily consumable format. Instead it is a fully fledge tablet which runs a modified version of the Android operating system. Costing less than half the price of the iPad 2 it is not exactly gunning for Apple's market, but it does feature a bright seven inch display, a dual core processor and 8GB of internal storage. Apps, games and web access will make the Kindle Fire an appealing tablet while its competitive pricing should kick other budget Android tablets out of the market.

Nintendo 3DS

Good for kids aged 5 to 85, the new Nintendo 3DS has been drastically reduced in price during the weeks before Christmas, making it even more appealing to anyone who has a games fan in the family. While 3D gaming via its glasses-free stereoscopic display is an obvious draw, you can turn the 3D off if it is not your thing. 3D photography and eventually 3D video recording will make the 3DS a versatile gadget, plus you can play top titles such as the recent Zelda re-make and new entries in the Pokemon series which take advantage of its augmented reality capabilities.

Asus Zenbook

The recently introduced Zenbook range of laptop computers from manufacturer Asus are designed to face off against the Apple MacBook Air, letting fans of Windows 7 experience Microsoft's operating system on a device that is just a few millimeters thick. It is definitely a premium product, with a hardwearing and stylish metallic chassis while the latest Intel Core processors lurk within. This does come at a price, but if you do not want to live with a Mac it could be the best option.

These gadgets are all set to be available online before Christmas and if you want the best price it is worth seeking out Comet vouchers or offers at some of your favorite retailers to save some cash. Newsletter ad

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